Monday, April 16, 2007

My babies and the master plan

Last week on the way to school the kids and I realized next year will be the last year until The Boy is in 9th grade that they will be in the same school. For some reason this makes me sad. The Girl will be in middle school by herself, then start high school and she'll be a senior when The Boy is a freshman. I guess this could be a good thing or a bad thing.

So many of the teachers in their school now know of The Boy. He's outgoing, he doesn't know a stranger and he's fearless. He talks to everyone, so even teachers he doesn't have comment on him and how funny, cute, etc. he is. While this is quite flattering I'm sure it feels like over-shadowing to The Girl, who is much more reserved and introverted.

Donut and I have the masterplan for the future however. The Boy decided he wants to be a comic book artist when he grows up. Jelly is plugged into this industry and he will be the writer. Donut and I will edit the copy and I will color in The Boy's drawings. The Hubs can handle the business-side of things and The Girl can help us with the merchandising. There will be plush dolls, lunchboxes, pencils, backpacks, action figures, etc. and of course a feature movie--Train will do the soundtrack of course. We'll be millionaires : )

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