Thursday, April 26, 2007

ho hum

i'm back from florida. it was fine for the most part. a trade show is a trade show. i have to admit i don't really get the whole orlando thing. i know some adults think it's fun but i went once more than 10 years ago. it's an over priced amusement park and the rides aren't that great. i don't buy into the whole disney hype.

i lost my freaking cell phone while i was there. we went to an industry event at universal and it fell out of my pocket. thankfully they did find it, universal lost and found was incredibly responsive and helpful and they're mailing it to me. cool. didn't realize how lost i was without a cell until i didn't have it--mostly because i don't wear a watch and use it for the time : )

the girl has decided she's "getting ready to start you know what" and has "symptoms." she has mood swings and attitudes--i don't know why, she says. and my stomach hurts and i'm tired she says. man, she so does not realize what she's wishing for. though i have to admit, i think all girls can't wait until they start their periods so they can officially be "grown up."

nothing really exciting or noteworthy, thought provoking to share, not really in the mood, but some of you at least seem to be checking for new posts (despite the fact the comments have dropped off again : ) ) .

things at work are sucking big time and things on the home front have kilter is a good word. i think (hope) that at least is back on the mend. it's weird but when things are going great in your life you don't really think about what you're doing but when they get screwed up you wonder how in the world you're going to fix them and what happened in the first place. also not the best day maker to realize you're probably contributing more to the problem than you thought.

sorry folks, i feel like eeyore tonight. thanks for noticing me : ) (that's a shout out to big t actually.)

i'm ready for the weekend and seriously wondering if i need a new job.


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about the troubles on the work and job front.

i am available for venting ;)

just wanted to commit so you know i care . . .

Anonymous said...

Hey! Glad you're back from FL. I'm not crazy about that place, either.

Sorry you're in a funk at work and home. Double whammy.

I have to say that I, for one, did not look forward to the monthly curse. I started when I was 10. That sucked. Tell The Girl not to wish for that!


Anonymous said...

btw - apparently i am an idiot. i wanted to comment, not commit. not that i don't think you are a lovely person and i like you a lot, but just not in "that" way.

creative kerfuffle said...

I love you guys : ) Thanks for the comments (commits). I knew what you meant GP--though at times I'm beginning to wonder if I should be committed! : )

TS--I have tried to tell her not to wish for the period but of course you can't tell her anything. Hell, at times I think to myself, bring on the menopause cos I'm over the whole thing myself and I'm not having any more kids so no need for it; then I've heard one of the symptoms of menopause is loss of sex drive and I don't think I could hang with that.