Friday, May 4, 2007

I suck at headlines

The hardest part of writing this thing for me is the headline. I feel pressured to come up with something catchy, entertaining and witty. I typically fall flat on that. You'd think, given my job, I could do this, alas, I suck at it at work too.

So, it's been a while since I posted and been awhile since I've done it during the day. I'm getting back to good this week so this will probably be a bunch of random thoughts.

First, last night I realized The Hubs is a better wife than I am. He's a better gardener and cook than I could ever be; though I do mow and weed eat better than he does and I make good chili. That's pretty much the only dish I do well. I can cook other things, but not well. BTW, the yard is looking kick ass. So far we (I mean he) has planted four rose bushes, two rose trees, creeping phlox, two hydrangeas and 3-4 hibiscus.

The Boy is on cloud nine because Spiderman 3 opens this weekend. He saved up his allowance and bought the new black Spiderman suit. Now he has the two ratty red ones and that one. He puts them on hangers and hangs them on his wall. He's been watching the first two movies for the last two weeks over and over again. Just about every day when we come home he puts on one of the suits. I hope he gets out of that before he's 16 : )

I was pleasantly pleased this week. I bought a skirt a size smaller than I usually wear. I don't do scales so don't know if I've actually lost weight or if it's just repositioned itself.

Musically I've been back on a Train kick, though today I should be listening to Rod since he's in concert tonight. I hope he doesn't die before I get to see him again. Van still lives in my soul though and I have to listen to it mixed with Train.

I've decided that if I had to either be blind or deaf I'd have to be blind. I couldn't live without sound. What about you?

"I don't spend my time with anyone who doesn't think I'm wonderful or somewhat cash refundable at times." ----Train lyric/thought for the day

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