Friday, April 27, 2007


More true words have never been uttered. Just when I get in a comfortable groove with my job they come at me from left field and knock me back down. One of my responsibilities is planning a yearly conference. Every time I turn around there's something else I'm supposed to be doing that nobody told me about until it's not getting done and then they don't understand why I'm not doing my job. WTF!

So I have a few questions for you and of course welcome discussion/feedback. The Hubs and I have some strange conversations sometimes and last night one of the many topics we touched on was cheating. I can't remember what led to this conversation exactly, but his take on them are that men cheat because they aren't getting their physical needs met and women cheat because they aren't getting their emotional needs met. What do you think?

Along those same lines he's broken it down to the acts--though it's a given that cheating is cheating and not recommended. Is the cheating worse if it's oral or full on intercourse? (He says oral is worse.)

Another topic--how often do most people think about death? For example, it is not unusual for my thoughts to turn to The Hubs death (or vice versa) . With all of his health issues from time to time I worry that he'll be driving down the road and have a heart attack at the wheel. With my out-of-town drinking issues his fear is that I'll drink and drive (wonder why he'd think that, huh?) and get killed, pass out in a bar and get kidnapped/raped/killed or something else along those lines. Are we just morbid or do other people think about these circumstances? And, does our thinking about them actually better prepare us for what might happen? Though it would kill me it would not surprise me to hear he'd keeled over from a heart attack somewhere so am I a little more prepared for the inevitable than the next person?

And lastly, when it comes to your personal demons, is it better to face them and try to work through them or avoid them? I personally like to hide them in a deep, dark, locked closet way back in the corner of my mind and pretend they don't exist. Unfortunately, they are starting to beat on the door and claw to come out and make me deal with them. Dammit. I hate self-improvement.

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Anonymous said...

I have all kinds of dark and random thoughts about my husband's death and sometimes now for kicks i throw in something gruesome for the wee one.

Much like the self-improvement thing, I try not to analyze why I think this way too much, and just push it into that dark back corner of my brain. So far so good!