Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Back from the beach

We're back from the beach. I wish we would have stayed longer. I'd forgotten how relaxing and fun it can be. The only down side is I came home with a bit of a sunburn. Torture is riding home in the car for four hours wearing a bra over your sunburned back and shoulders : )

Random thoughts from the beach.

The hotel we stayed at was right on the beach. Oceanfront room with a balcony. We slept with the patio doors open so we could hear the waves. It had an indoor lazy river, which was pretty cool even for grownups, an outdoor heated pool (also good this time of year but I hope it's not heated in the summer) and....drum roll please...a friggin' hot tub. One of those in-ground huge ones. I LOVED that thing. The kids even liked it. Talk about relaxing.

We spent the days either on the beach or in the pools. The beach was great. The water was freezing but after awhile not too bad. I like looking for shells and playing in the sand the most though. We built a sand castle and dug holes. There's something entertaining about digging holes on the beach. You never know if you'll find a cool shell or something and your always fighting a losing battle against the tide. The ocean has a way of making you feel totally insignificant.

My observation of waves--its like the lacy ruffle on the bottom of a skirt.
The Hubs' observation--they're like life; they start out small and smooth, building up until they peak, so full of themselves, that then they explode as whitecaps and slowly wind down, making their way to the shore until in the end they're little more than foam.

On the way to the beach we saw this billboard: Size Does Matter visit Dick's Pawn. How hysterical is that? : )

Going to the beach with kids is interesting. The first night we had seafood (hello, beach, seafood, it's a natural) and the kids were like, uh, OK. They'd much rather eat fast food. What's up with that?

A few updates--I don't think I blogged about this but about two weeks ago The Girl and her best friend (the little girl I liked) made up and The Girl and The Boyfriend broke up. Thankfully The Girl was not devastated over the boy loss and took it pretty well. She said he was cheating on her, holding another girl's hand at recess. I told her boys aren't worth worrying about (at least not in the fourth grade!).

Without much thought I also signed a permission slip saying she could adopt a millipede. It came on vacation with us. OK, I was going to put an image of it up here but looking at them grosses me out. It's fatter than a worm, black and longer than a worm with like lots of legs, though technically not a million. The Hubs research them after she brought it home. Turns out the things can live for 7 years and get 15 inches or longer!!! It really, really grosses me out!

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