Monday, April 9, 2007

More things you might not know about me

1. highly ticklish

2. have two birthmarks

3. had one side of my hair shaved extremely short in college

4. sing in the car all the time

5. don't like liver

6. worry that because of the sunburn i'll get scars or skin cancer

7. like coffee flavored ice cream

8. sam is my favorite character on west wing

9. our road trip music runs the gamut from The Judds and Prince to Neil Diamond, Train and 80s mixes

10. love to dance

11. have a flat spot on the back of my head

12. hands and feet are always ice cubes at bedtime

13. twirl my hair all the time; my nephew does this too

14. love both cats and dogs but after my first dog, Chloe, died i've never bonded quite the same way with any other dogs; will be devastated when my cat dies--he's 15

15. high escalators freak me out

16. love starbucks

17. would like to grow an apple tree from seed

18. have never had a professional massage

19. love thunderstorms

20. thinking we should take the kids to see Rod in May because they may never have the chance again.

21. considering the job i have it's ironic that i'm a bad speller and hate using punctuation.

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