Sunday, April 15, 2007

We killed Yamamoto

Last night after everyone left we watched West Wing--yeah, I know, big surprise : ) Anyway, this was the episode, title We Killed Yamamoto, in which Amy is jamming to Van Morrison, not once but TWICE. First it's the morning after what we can only assume was a wild love fest with Josh---and she's in the kitchen cooking something and listening to Caravan. Turn it up, little bit higher, that's enough. Awesome! Later she's working at her computer at home and she and Josh have a fight and she's listening to Moondance in the background. Yum. Shut up, I know I'm a dork because this is like double exciting for me, Van on West Wing; I'm easily amused.

I am trying to ween myself away from Van or to at least listen to something other than Moondance of his. It is hard. I think Van music lives in my soul now. It's a thing I go through with music. When I find an artist I like it's like they become part of me. I can like lots of other music and listen to it, but when I'm in the moment with an artist it's like all other music is dead to me.

Through the years I've done this with a few artists--become obsessed with them. Where I listen to the same album, cassette or CD over and over so that not only do I know most if not all of the words but I know what comes next. The first I can remember doing this was with Shadow Dancing by Andy Gibb. I've also done this with Men at Work, Phil Collins, Train and of course Rod. Now it's Van.

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