Sunday, April 15, 2007

Playing catch up

I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post. Pull up a chair, let's chat and I'll fill you in on what's been going on.

Last night we had a shower for my sister/friend Donut and Jelly : ) (her boy.) Although not as many people showed up as I thought would it was still nice. I refrained from tearing up like a sap a few times.

She got some great gifts, her first china place setting from our friend Big T, a bake ware set from Guinea Pig (aka Martha Stewart who helped me tremendously with the food/etc.) and some Precious Moments bride/groom statue thing from The Boy. It was hideous but The Boy picked it out at the auction earlier in the day and Donut graciously accepted it. Truly the thing was awful looking.

Co-workers of ours came to the party, actually the person who took my old job and her husband. We suspect she might have been partying a bit before she got here, which is totally fine, but she was a hoot.

At one point in the evening she asked if The Hubs and I always pick on each other like that. I said yeah, and she said, oh so that's your relationship. At the time I didn't think anything about it but it keeps coming back to me. No, that's not our relationship, but yes we do tend to do that a lot, especially at parties. It's our language. This got me wondering about what people's perception of us as a couple is.

We are both smart asses---though he much more so than me : )---add alcohol and of course it will be worse. I guess I could see where other people might think we're picking on each other or even being mean, but we're not, we're playing. I should have written this last night when I was altered because now I'm thinking too much before I write. The teasing is our rhythm, it's our way of showing affection. We are not a sappy sweet couple, though there are times when even we do get this way. I have always enjoyed/been turned on by/gravitated toward people who are humorous and who get my sense of humor, whatever that is; therefore the picking, teasing, bantering to me is actually more intimate more real or exclusive, however you want to phrase it, than normal conversation. (I know, this probably doesn't make sense to y'all.)

For the record, we are not like that 24/7. Also for the record, he is not this domineering, I'm-the-man-so-I'm-in-charge guy that I think many of you think he is. Does he sometimes think that he's the boss of me? Yes, and he acts like it. However, I also sometimes think I'm the boss of him and I act like it. The difference is I'm more subtle about it. He does like to thump his chest, like when he told Donut that no, I can't go to her bachelorette party. Of course I'm going. I have to go, it would be wrong if I didn't.

I guess my point is that things are not always as they appear. He is macho, at times. I like this about him, at times. He is also one of the most sensitive, deep-thinking people I've ever known. He does not show that soft side to many people. He is whipped, at times. I am whipped, at times. And, contrary to popular belief, I'm not the easiest person to live with, love, get a long with. (Neither is he.) But we work and we work well.

Other things: I'm not happy with the gift we gave Donut. It seems so normal. I have this need to give her something incredibly special, sentimental, heartfelt and I haven't found it yet--a cookbook and a steamer just don't cut it.

The Hubs did not get the wood chipper at the auction yesterday so I am safe for another year : )

The Boy actually spoke to Jelly (who is marrying The Boy's woman of his dreams) several times last night. I have hopes that he's over his hatred of him. Though when he picked out the Bride and Groom statue thing he did twist the groom's arm and thump him on the head : ) A voodoo doll of sorts. As for Jelly, I like him. He's seemingly quiet but cracks me up with the things he says and his observations.

My Mom came with us to the auction yesterday. At some point we started talking about retiring etc. and I just flat out asked her, what are you going to do for money when you retire? She said she has a retirement account and I know my Dad has military retirement, but they get that now. They have nothing extra, nothing set aside to prepare for an illness, nothing set aside to prepare for anything. She laughed and said, oh, I'll just sell my house and move in with you. I laughed to and said, uh, no really, what are you going to do. Horrible daughter than I am I could not live with either of my parents ever again.

Oh, the millipede has moved!! Yeah! Earlier this week The Girl and I were sitting in my rockin' recliner, such a sweet moment, and she said I'm tired of the millipede. Of course I was ecstatic because the thing really creeps me out. She said she was bored with it because it's not like our other pets, it doesn't do anything. Uh, it's a bug I said, what did you think it would do? She said she's forgetful and doesn't want to take care of it and doesn't want to be responsible if it dies. I said OK, maybe I can give it away--because I sure as HELL didn't want to let it go in MY hard on the off chance that it lives and grows to 15" long! Not in MY yard!! She suggested I give it to my friend B's son who showed a passing interest in it the weekend before when they were here for the house party. I don't know if B's son was genuinely interested in the bug or not, but the thing now lives at his house instead of mine! Yeah!

Guess what? Last night, at the shower (say it like, one time, at band camp) people actually sat in my den! I know! I was so excited. It might have been because we broke the ice and ventured into the room when Donut was opening presents. If this is the case this means that the next time we have an event at the house someone's going to have to sit in my recliner and open a present so people will come in and sit in the den! LOL

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