Saturday, April 7, 2007

I stayed up

Yep, I've been up since 5:12 a.m. this morning. I blogged for awhile, checked emails, checked my evites to see if anyone decided to come today at the last minute. Famous and Hutch called and they're coming, though I think Hutch is really coming to see The Boy. I think for the most part my friends tolerate and possibly like my kids (there is that special bond between The Boy and Donut) but Famous and Hutch genuinely seem to LOVE my kids like their own family, not just an extension of me. Of course that makes me love them even more.

Around 7 a.m. I got the bright idea to call Auntie. She rises at the butt crack most mornings and she's woken me up a time or two. I figured she'd be surprised as hell to hear from me before 10 a.m., plus we haven't talked in a long time. The tables were turned and I woke her up! She has this caller ID thing where you have to say your name before they answer--I always make up something crazy or I'm Mother Goose or something. Today I was Morning Glory. I called, got no answer and then she called back and before I got the phone The Hubs woke up. It was around 7:10. He was dazed and confused. He poured a cup of coffee and ended up on the couch dozing. The house was quiet--rarely is it quiet. I had a good visit with Auntie (which is what my kids call her not me, although she is my favorite aunt, only 10 years older than me). Then I joined The Hubs on the couch until The Boy woke up and started watching TV.

I crawled in bed with The Girl. There's nothing better than snuggling with your kids when they're asleep and being good : ) The Girl's cat meowed at me like uh, what the hell are you doing disturbing us. The Girl soon woke up and we started the day.

The dust bunnies have been evacuated, thanks to The Hubs and his trusty Fantom. The house has been prepared for guests. The Easter egg hunt came and went, the kids had fun. They're watching TV and The Hubs is napping. I think I've worked him too hard this week.

It's a weird thing to have people come to your house, at least for me. On one hand I truly love it, I love hanging out with my friends and the one part of my family. On the other hand I feel like it's a test of sorts. Like is my house clean enough and did we make enough food and are people going to have fun or leave thinking, damn that sucked. OK I don't feel like that with everyone but when there are larger groups I freak out a little. Stupid huh? I have friends that are much better house keepers than I am, much better cooks than I am and generally are the Martha Stewart types. I love and envy them dearly but on things like this I feel inadequate.

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