Thursday, February 21, 2008

total eclipse of the heart

you had to see that coming right? :)

i tried to see it, but we didn't get a great view because of all the cloud coverage. other stellar news from last night is that we shot down one of our spy satellites. nothing like knowing a mass the size of a city bus is hurtling to earth to make for a great day huh? chicken little be damned.


Tyler Durden said...

total eclipse of the heart? You are showing your age CK. Kids today have NO IDEA what the hell that means. I do. I could probably sing the whole thing after a couple of beers.


Creative Kerfuffle said...

LOL--physically i'm 39 but mentally i'm always about 26. the coolest thing is that the girl (11) does know all the words to the song and says turn it up every time we hear it. my kids have been raised on 80s music : )