Thursday, February 21, 2008

disjointed thursday

*i just watched four episodes (thank you dvr) of john and kate plus 8. i love that show. for a half a second i wondered what it would be like to have your life filmed like that then i jerked back to reality. and, though i've never been attracted to asian men, i think john is cute. (maybe if john has a sister they could be our swap couple since rod (stewart) and rachel (that bitch) divorced years ago ruining our other swap couple.)

*the kids were playing this electronic version of are you smarter than a fifth grader (cos we can't figure out the board game) and the girl asked if there were any living orgasms on the moon : ) the hubs recounted this story to me at dinner and of course the girl asked what's an orgasm. dear lord help us all. the hubs said, ask you mom. thanks honey! i said (as i got up from the table and walked to the sink so i wouldn't have to look at her) it is when semen comes out of the penis. (yes, my kids know these terms, i don't hold back). she said, oh, like on csi when they get that light out and there is semen all over the bed? yes, i said. i thought to myself, hold on here a minute, she can't go through life thinking men are the only one's who have orgasms. so i said, men and women both have orgasms, it's part of sex. and that was that. we have the ODDEST dinner conversations.

*we were talking about john mccain also at dinner and his alleged affair. i said i don't care what he does or did in his private life (didn't care that clinton did it either except he did it in the white house and i just personally feel he should have taken that shit outside of work). this led to a discussion about cheating in general and if you would tell your friend if their spouse was cheating. i said if it was just an acquaintance, someone i wasn't really close to, i probably wouldn't get involved, but if it was one of my true friends i'd tell them. so then the hubs said that's a good way to lose a friend cos then if the couple makes up you could never hang out with them again cos the dude would be pissed at you. what would you do?

*pajamas--what's your preference? i think the hubs gets short changed in the hot pajama gig. i go for comfort (not to say i don't have some SPECIAL things, but you know i don't wear them often) and wear pajama bottoms and t-shirts or sometimes sweat shirts. i have two pair of matching pjs but the rest are a hodge podge. what's the norm on female pajamas?

*male pajamas--the hubs has some lounge pants/pajama bottoms for winter, though most often...ok, i don't want to out him that's not fair (he sleeps in boxers). i think matching pjs for guys are retarded and make me think of father knows best. no thanks. men's underwear--boxers, briefs, boxer/briefs or thongs. hell no on the thongs. really, those are gross. i prefer boxers, they're hot.

*i said hot way too many times in this post didn't i?

*as i said before, the hubs has taken over as cfo this year (thank you god). he is anal retentive about it. the whole thing has been enlightening. the hubs sees why i was so crazy from time to time (at least about money) and realizes that it's hard being the one to say yes or no when it comes time to spend or save. initially i was a bit...i don't know, put out? pissed is too harsh, put out that i was getting an "allowance." basically i get lunch money (or i can spend it on whatever) every week. it sounds childish but it's mostly working. he's always had his eye on the big picture and been involved with that and steered us where we need to be going, but the day to day stuff was my gig. anyway, he's starting to freak out about the economy and the almost certain recession we're headed for. my materialistic man is actually save save. holy sock away the money batman! it's quite interesting. that used to be me! now i'm the one saying, oh, c'mon let's go out to eat tonight. or oh, c'mon let's check out that new airline that you can fly places for $10 and go to dc or ny for spring break with the kids. how bizarre is that? it's odd really because our rolls have almost completely switched.

*omg, spellcheck works again! color me HAPPY. i love spell check. it doesn't like the words hodge and podge though. wtf?


Tyler Durden said...

Holy Shit! When "semen comes out of the penis" is the definition of an orgasm???? no way man! There IS such a think as a tantric orgasm, in which you do not ejaculate.

Here's a better definition "An orgasm is the release of built-up muscle tension resulting from sexual activity". Not that should you'd bring that topic again cause that is just way too uncomfortable.

As for PJs, its boxers or nothing else. For a girl its panties and a tank top. That, my friend, is hot right there.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

ok, the def. might have been a bit "sterile" but it was for an 11 yr. old and i really didn't want to get into details.