Saturday, February 16, 2008

i have walked 10,000 miles

ok, not really but omg it feels like it. let me give you the low down. my appointment this morning was at 11 w 25th street. not too bad, i’m on madison and e 31st street. i got coffee and sat in madison square park until my appointment time.

it went fine. who knew the smurfs are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year? did you know? apparently they were big before they hit us on tv in the 80s.

after the appointment i went back to my hotel to drop of my stuff and figured i’d walk to the three stores i was visiting. two of them were near the 7th ave and 25th street area so no biggie.

the third one was in soho. on the map this doesn’t look so far. driving directions didn’t look so far. fuck, it was FAR! i walked past madison square park, through the flatiron district, such a cool building, and kept walking. i thought i was going to die. in greenwich village i stopped in washington square park to sit down, smoke, call the hubs, etc. my legs felt like jelly. oh, and it’s fucking cold out.

back to the excursion. past nyu—looks like a cool school. i actually contemplated attending it for a day when i was in high school and my chemistry teacher (a new yorker) spoke so highly of it. down to soho. so just going one way down it was more than 30 blocks. that would be if it was straight down, but noooooo i walked sideways blocks too since i obviously don’t know how to follow a map. prince street, spring street, wooster, near canal, oh yeah, i was hella lost. finally found the store. from start to finish i was out and about walking for three hours.

needless to say i’m frozen and exhausted. i ordered room service. i thought i was doing well, salad, burger, slice of cake, milk. god i was craving some milk. it was $54! can you believe that shit? yes, it’s on the company’s dime but still that’s just crazy.

i didn’t go to the museum of sex or gugenheim, not enough time and now i’m too wiped out. sunday and monday i’ll be tied up all day and not able to get out and about. frankly, i’m ready to go home.


Anonymous said...

I dont think you have a need to go to the musem of sex. I will give you the highlights of what it is about when you get home.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

mmm, really? ; ) i like highlights. i bet your exhibits are quite...moving.

Trish said...

Get a room!

Tyler Durden said...

Dammit! I am so jealous. You were right next to little Italy.