Thursday, February 21, 2008

2 hr delay

earlier today i heard reports that we are supposed to get some freezing something possibly shit. it's not a good time for this. though i'm slowly crawling toward my deadlines (we close the issue on MONDAY) i still have a lot, i'm talking a lot to do.

(why am i not fervently working on it now you may ask??? cos i'm at home and brain dead for work and can't write another work word today thank you very much).

anyway. it is dry as a bone outside. nothing is falling from the sky, not even bits and pieces of the blown up satellite. nothing is happening outside. i was feeling good. however....we are already on a two hour school delay tomorrow. really? really? wtf?????


Tyler Durden said...

2 Hour delay. YES! That was like a Christmas gift. hmmmmmmmmmm how far do you live from Winston Salem anyway?

Creative Kerfuffle said...

normally i love 2 hr. delays so we can sleep in, but not when i'm on deadline. and i plead the 5th on the location question : )