Saturday, February 2, 2008

the hubs' girlfriend

i realized last night the hubs has desires for another woman. she has long blond hair. most likely she's got money. she shares a lot of his views. she's i worried about ann coulter? nah, of course not. first of all she is too tall and skinny for him. i thought maybe that he would have abandoned her completely yesterday when he told me she's now saying hillary would be a better choice than mccain, but frankly i don't think the hubs is too excited about any of the reps either.

and despite his not so secret admiration for this woman i know where his loyalties lie. you know your man really loves you when he makes beef jerky for your mom for her 60th birthday, a pretty lengthly process, when he doesn't even really like her. plus, the making gumbo at her house was his idea when i said i didn't really want to do anything. he's good like that.

another non sequitor moment
so i'm officially not pregnant. yeah i'm sure you were on pins and needles. for about a day i was starting to freak out, though it would really be physically impossible for me to get pregnant. of course i told myself stranger things have happened.

i am one of those women (please tell me i'm not the only one) who, after awhile, starts cycling (and no, i'm not talking on a schwinn) with the women i work with or am close to. i had been as regular as clock work for quite some time and then donut got pregnant. it threw me off. my body was like, uh.....hello? what happened? since october i kept getting later and later they'd last longer and longer and then in januaury nothing. oh sure, i had al the pms stuff--i was sleepy, irritable, didn't like my clothes in the morning, horny, etc. and nothing.

by now you know how much i love babies right? and that sometimes, for a split second i dream of having another one but then snap back into reality and know that i really, really do not want nor need another one. i'd most likely go crazy. but for a day i had the fleeting thought i could be pregnant and then the overwhelming fear that i was and then the even more overwhelming relief (and a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of sadness) that i wasn't.

(also, if you find any spelling errors, suck it up cos the blogger spell check hasn't worked for me for like three days.)


broad minded said...

i dreamt last night i was having twin boys and was all freaked out b/c i wanted to name them for family and call them jack and mac which i knew the husband WOULD not go for. too rhymey, but i couldn't figure out how to fix it in my dream.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

lol--be glad I didn't dream you were having twins. i love the name jack btw and wanted to name the boy that. actually, jackson and call him that.