Sunday, February 24, 2008

things that make me happy

times are tough and i'm really trying not to fall into a black hole of despair. the conference is a week away and for some strange reason i'm not getting nervous. perhaps that will come later in the week. big picture though i'm not too secure in the job. economic climate, memos, etc. contribute to this factor. the hubs--also in the same boat. we are socking the refund checks away (and not going to disney world just yet) and the hubs has a certain fear about things getting worse before they get better on the economic front. he's not usually the alarmist in the family so it sort of has me worried too. i feel like we're hunkering down, preparing, bolstering ourselves for something not good.

so, rather than rehash all of that and potentially bring myself down i'm going to share with you a few things that make me happy. the idea for this post actually started on the way to work one day as the radio djs were talking about things that cracked them up that other people didn't understand. i was going to post about that but morphed it into things that make me happy.

* the perfect cup of coffee. this is hard to describe. i don't always make the perfect cup. it has to be the right strength, blended with just the right amount of cream. this morning i have the perfect cup. usually i just make a good cup (if you like strong coffee that is).

* this joke, stupid as it is, always cracks me up. i'm sure it doesn't translate in writing:
knock knock.
who's there?
interrupting cow.
interrupting cow wh...
; ) get it ? it really makes me laugh hysterically for some reason.

*sleeping in on the weekends. omg, i totally love sleeping in. it's the lazy, snuggling up, lolling in bed, shutting the rest of the world out, cozy, comfy time. then it gets to be about 10:30 and i have to pee or the dogs want out or the kids start fighting : )

*when i randomly do something unexpected for the hubs and he's moved by it. this could be something totally unimportant and it makes me think i need to do that more often.

*when my bro and the hubs get on a comic roll it can be quite entertaining. it's never planned or scripted. they can be funny together. ninja (donut's hubby) also cracks me up. he has that quiet, unassuming humor.

*cuddling. i love when i'm sitting somewhere and my kids just randomly come up and snuggle with me. they do this a lot, well more than most kids do i think. i know we never did that to my parents growing up. it's a bittersweet feeling because i bask in it, knowing that at some point they'll be too big to sit on my lap. i also love curling up next to the hubs on the couch. this typically turns into the kids piling on too and it gets too much and not comfy. arms, elbows everywhere. it's like the kids can't stand to see us being close without them being involved.

*a great, simple dinner. last night the hubs grilled awesome steaks, we had texas toast, baked potatoes, peas (for them), asparagus (for me) and deviled eggs. (i don't like cooked peas so much).


Tyler Durden said...

That's so cool. It sounds like you have a really nice family.

The joke was funny! I just told the joke to my 8 year old and he didn't get it though. I'm dying to call someone now to tell them the joke :)

Creative Kerfuffle said...

ah, most of the time i have a nice family! : ) see lost post.
that joke is corny but it totally cracks me up. i hope you got to share it with someone.