Wednesday, February 6, 2008


ok, it's really spelled predeliction but i wanted to play with words. if you're looking for talk about the elections, however, you should check out broad minded.

it should be noted that yesterday we had a straw poll at work and the results were announced today. obama had like 15% of the vote (the highest) but elmo got 8 votes. ; ) an no of course I didn't write him in. sheesh, you'd think i don't take politics seriously or something.

so back to the topic at hand. what are your predelictions? (you can go anonymous on these cos i know ya'll are shy).

i have to admit, back in the day i totally did not understand blow jobs. first, why the hell are they called blow jobs cos you don't blow. they should be suck and lick jobs. i'm just saying. since i didn't understand the nomenclature i didn't really understand how to do it. i have long since learned.

admittedly i did not always like giving and honestly did not believe girls that said they did. i thought they were nuts (no pun intended).

with age (shut up i'm only 39) i have evolved a bit and discovered that it's actually exciting to be a giver.

do you like giving? receiving? being spanked? toe sucking? role playing? anal? c'mon--go anon and tell your dirty little secrets. i dare ya!


Anonymous said...

receiving, receiving toe sucking, giving, receiving light kisses on the back of the neck

Creative Kerfuffle said...

oooo i'm so glad there's at least one brave soul willing to share : )

i too like the light kisses on the back of the neck. actually, i think kisses anywhere you don't expect them are sensual, back, thighs, etc.

Anonymous said...

toe sucking is actually quite a turn on. receiving is never bad. i think i used to like giving more than i do now. i guess i have gotten lazy. but i still do it of course.

inner thigh stroking.
watching porn together.

Anonymous said...

giving? Check.
receiving? Check, check.
being spanked? Nope.
toe sucking? Check, check, check, if receiving.
role playing? Nope.
anal? Nope, nope.
kisses on the neck (or anywhere else)? Check, check.
porn? Nope.

Anonymous said...

giving--check (and swallowing)
receiving---Check, check.
being spanked---not hard but a little smack is good at the right time.
toe sucking---no thanks
role playing---not realy
kisses on the neck (or anywhere else)--oh yes