Tuesday, February 5, 2008

shit-tastic day

don't you hate when you wake up and for no good reason you just know it's going to be a shit-tastic day?

we just closed our issue yesterday so typically today would be like, loaf, weed emails, etc. but no, i have an assload of stuff i need to do (and instead i'm blogging).

just take a peek at my life for the next little while, brought to you from the pages of my calendar:

tonight---coven, i mean scout, meeting for the boy and the hubs

tomorrow night---the hubs has to go out of town for work

friday---honors night at school (awwww, yes i have the smartest kids on the planet)

saturday---scout blue and gold banquet (yes, i have come to hate the coven and can't wait for the boy to get done w/ it)

sunday---scout sunday at church (we haven't been to church in a year)

monday---the girl has a dental appt. (cleaning)

Feb. 14-Feb. 18---me, out of town for work, cripes i dread this trip. and, though i really really do hate valentine's day because it's a false holiday and there's the pressure to prove your love to those you love when quite honestly i wake up every day loving the hubs more and more and wondering how the fuck i got so lucky and why it took me so long to realize how lucky i am (cos i was pretty much a bitch that first decade) i hate that i won't be home to share the false holiday.

Feb. 25--our next issue closes, less than a month between close dates---yeah that sucks ass.

Feb. 26---FIL's anuerysm surgery--the hubs may be going out of town for that

March 2-6---me, out of town for conference, i cannot wait for this to be over

i could go on but i won't bore you and depress myself even further.

ok i'm not really depressed, just have that black cloud feeling today.

shake it off--last night i did have a little happy warm moment though. i took the kids to skate night, which is pretty much me watching them skate with a bunch of other kids from their school. boring, however we hadn't been to the last few so i took them.

i really got choked up and almost cried watching my kids skate. totally stupid i know, they were just skating and the boy was all sweaty, but god they are gorgeous. the girl is so not graceful, but for a brief second there i did see grace in her and i saw a glimpse of the woman she's becoming. the hubs doesn't like to hear that, he sticks his head in the sand when i mention it, but she is turning into a woman.

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