Friday, February 15, 2008

new york; moma; museum of sex

i really did have every intention of getting up early, cos it still is a work day even though i'm not in the office; the alarm was set for 8:30 a.m. at 10 a.m. i finally got up and made my rounds again visiting showrooms.

i got a cup of coffee and stumbled upon a park to sit in, i think it was madison park. anyway, it was a place to sit down and have a cup of coffee and a smoke. several things always amaze me about ny. one is the incredible architecture. another is how many people are out and about, walking around between the hours of 9-5. i guess i assume everyone should be at work. i was also amazed at the number of people strolling babies (it’s 30+ degrees outside!) and the number of bugaboo strollers.

some of the showrooms i visited are on the same street as the museum of sex. interesting. maybe i should check it out. wonder what they’d have in their gift shop?

my last appointment was near macy’s so i walked around in there. maybe it’s because I’m not a shopper extraordinaire, but that place really doesn’t do anything for me.

this evening i went to moma—free entrance on friday nights. omg. i wish the hubs and kids could have been here, especially the boy. he would have loved it. all in all i’m not a huge modern art fan, some of it i really do not get at all. i try, but don’t. however, i love museums. walking in my heart started beating faster. i can’t remember the last time i was in a museum. the hubs and i went to the louve when i was in high school, and even though i loved art then i think i’d probably have a big O if i went there now. the boy says his dream in life is to see the mona lisa at the louve. i wandered around and then i almost fainted with delight. i saw seurats, gaugins, cezannes and van goghs. i saw starry night. i was mesmerized. pollack, i love his stuff too. then, i turned a corner and was dumb struck. one of monet’s huge water lily paintings. i honestly got tears in my eyes. seeing these paintings that i so readily recognized, have seen in books and prints so many time before, studied in high school and have loved forever, it was like finding an old friend. i felt like talking to these paintings. i just stood there, almost crying, wishing the hubs was there to share it with me. i am so very very glad i went there. i was moved and can’t even begin to describe it.

a few other observations, aside from my emotional response to the art—lots of people were making out in the museum. really? i’m not talking teenagers, i’m talking grown people playing tonsil hockey. perhaps the art moved them too. i love me some kissing, that’s no secret, but i really don’t like just laying a big sloppy one on the hubs when we’re out and about. it’s personal, private. one thing i didn’t like about the museum is that it had these open walkway areas where you could look over the glass sides all the way down to the lobby. fifth floor, open all the way down. i had to walk in the middle of the walkway and keep looking straight or i’m pretty sure i would have hurled.

tomorrow i have one appointment and a few stores to visit. im thinking about the sex museum and/or the gugenheim tomorrow.

talking to the kids this time has been interesting. last night the girl talked for a long time, actually asked me what i did, what i do when i go out of town, and better still she seemed interested. when i told the boy tonight that i’d gone to moma his first question was if i’d seen the mona lisa. i told him the paintings i’d seen and he knew what i was talking about. god i have awesome kids.

this trip really affirms my thoughts on bringing the family up here. we’d have to stay outside the city cos it’s hella expensive, but i think they’d have such a blast. i want to experience it with them.

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