Tuesday, February 19, 2008

blog thoughts

while i was in ny i didn't have access to many of the blogs i regulary read. i should add them to my links i suppose but i don't really know blogging etiquette. should i ask first? i only comment on one or two of them; i lurk on the others. the ones i lurk on usually have lots of commenters and most of them are women and for some reason i feel like i just walked into a stranger's pampered chef party without being invited and they all know each other and are looking at me like i'm wearing spandex or something.

so tonight after the hubs crashed on the couch and the kids were in bed i caught up on my reading. what does that say about me that i'm so interested in total stranger's lives? sometimes, if i really like the blog and the comments i follow the comments to their blogs. i've found a lot of cool (to me) blogs that way.

being that i'm pretty technologically illiterate, i didn't realize my own blog isn't in my profile so people can't make their way to my blog like that. i guess that could be a good or bad thing.

it's interesting to read so many different blogs because people blog for so many different reasons. some are like me and basically are just journaling out loud as it were. others use it as a soap box, and that's fine too. some blog about hobbies. lots, and lots and lots, blog only about their kids. i love my kids, but damn. some blog to hit on other bloggers or flirt or whatever. i find these blogs interesting too.

some people who've been blogging for years (oddly enough though i feel like i've been doing this forever i haven't done it as long as lots of other people) just sort of get tired of it and shut down. i wonder if i'll ever get to that point?

sometimes i lament that i don't have more readers/commenters but in all actuality i sort of like it like that. i have a small fear of being discovered. perhaps i am naive in my thoughts that the people who would be hurt by reading some posts (my extended family) wouldn't have the first clue about how to find my blog or even know what a blog is. though i have posted some details about work-related stuff i don't know that i've really said enough here that would get me fired. my friends/family who read this pretty much know how crazy i am anyway, and if they didn't they certainly do now. i think probably the only one i've ever really shocked has been my sil. : )

i like blogger that post a lot. i hate visiting a blog to find out it's been days or weeks since they've posted. i feel let down. like it's their duty to entertain me.

sometimes i wonder if the person walking down the street or driving in a car beside me or standing behind the counter is one of the bloggers i read. i don't often pay attention to where someone is from (unless it's a common thread or mention in their posts). would we be friends in real life?

non sequitor:
mitzvah--it's hebrew for commandment but it also means doing an act of human kindness; a good deed if you will. i like this word. i heard it this weekend and spanx clued me in as to what it means. (also goes with bar and bat mitzvah). anyway i heard it because this woman said, i did a little mitzvah for someone. hmmm, yes, much like a good deed you aren't supposed to tell a mitzvah, it defeats the purpose. my mom does this all the time--takes the credit for anything she considers a mitzvah.

part of the 12 step program is to do a mitzvah every day. not a bad rule of thumb to live by for pretty much every breathing body in my mind.

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