Saturday, February 16, 2008

bigger than a bread basket

perhaps you'll remember the closet i slept in the last time i was in ny? (see older blog posts cos i'm too lazy to look up the link).
this room is much, much better, see?

see that shelf with the ice bucket? that's where the candle was (and the smoke detector is right above that).

this is perhaps the most comfortable bed i've ever had in a hotel.
yes, that's a flat screen tv mounted on the wall. (guys and dolls, but i'm not really watching it). the tv could be bigger because when you're laying in bed it's hard to read stuff on the screen (or maybe it's just because i'm going blind?).

this is my view at night (same as during the day, but, you know, without the sunshine)

and this is the scarf the girl knitted for me. today a woman on the street said "that's a great scarf." i was so proud : )

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