Tuesday, February 26, 2008

perhaps the moon isn't so bad?

today was starting off to be bad and in my mind it was going to be even worse. the girl woke up not feeling well. i figured this was coming. we've avoided sickness around here for awhile when all around us people at work/school have had a bug. she said she wasn't feeling well last night. with her, despite the fact that she can by a hypochondriac, i can usually tell in her eyes that she's off. she is off.

the hubs is on the road today, overnight work trip. normally this wouldn't have been too bad other than the fact that today is also the day his dad went in to surgery for the aneurysm. that's what he was supposed to have surgery on in december when they went in and found the heart issues that warranted the triple bypass (when the hubs was in OK for nearly two weeks). the hubs was torn about going out. it was bad timing all the way around, plus that is a killer drive. he also was under the impression that the bro in california would be there (he cancelled at the last minute). of course i always think the worst in these situations and have been petrified all morning that things would not go well and the hubs would get this news as he was driving, alone and away from home. i've just talked to the fil's wife though and part of the procedure is done, quicker than they thought and so far everything is going great.

another good thing--i called to check work voicemail and my pub left me a message that the big boss didn't go for the ad on the cover idea. what a relief. it makes me feel better about the big boss, that he won't turn us into a money grubbing whore.

i'm home with the girl today and it is rainy, semi-storming. i love this type of weather when i'm at home. earlier i crawled into her bed with her. it's funny how rain sounds different from different rooms in your house. her window is closer to a drain pipe and being at the front of the house you can hear cars on the road in the rain. you can hear the individual drips of water splashing on the bushes. we were curled up in her bed, her cat keeping watch, snuggled down underneath the covers with us. it was dark and quite except for the rain and our breathing. i glimpse at her profile and i swear to god my heart almost melted. despite the morning breath and the evilness that both of my kids have displayed the last few days, that moment, looking at my child's profile while she's curled up in my arms, god, that just makes it all worthwhile. i wanted to get my camera and take her picture, actually i wanted to get out some charcoals and sketch her profile, but that would have disturbed the moment.

as we were lying in bed the girl asked me if i was going to do work at home today. that made me a little sad. so often when we're unexpectedly home like this i am doing work. life shouldn't be like that.

so, i might check work email once today and voicemail once more, but otherwise i'm just going to be with the girl and the rain. i might even build a fire.


Trish said...

Glad you had a warm fuzzy about the big boss but I've got news for you...we are money grubbing whores.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

ah big t--yes, i realize i'm wearing rose colored glasses and i know, for the right price, we'd sell our soul to the devil (wait, she already works w/ us), but at least for this time i escaped the hounds of hell.