Wednesday, February 27, 2008

eye candy

the kids and i watched the latest pirates of the Caribbean movie last night while the hubs was out of town. i don't think i've seen the second one, but really? does it matter? so here's a little eye candy for your hump day pleasure (mrs a.--enjoy!!).

really, what a fine man specimen.


Mrs. A. said...

ck --

Are you trying to kill me?

My God.

Thank you, thank you, thank you -- this more than makes up for his being robbed of his Oscar on Sun. -- not to mention the lack of coverage of his gorgeous face that night).

You rock, lady. . .

Mrs. A

Anonymous said...

I second that. Yum!

Sweet T

Creative Kerfuffle said...

Mrs. A--you came out of hiding! Yeah! I hope all is well with you.
Sweet T--I'm still watching to see when Sweeney Todd comes to our cheap theater ; )