Tuesday, February 19, 2008


if you've read my blog for oh i don't know, more than one post, you know i like to say fuck. it's just a good word. it's an adjective (that's fucking great), verb, (love doing the verb), noun (i don't give a fuck) and of course explative in so many, many forms. despite my love of the word i refrain from saying it around the kids. i figure my 11 and 8 year olds hear it elsewhere (on the bus for example, according to the boy) and from my dad.

this evening, however, i let it fly. out of nowhere it flew out of my mouth. the hubs, girl and i were making dinner. i was opening a can, you know the kind with that fucked up hinge thing on it like a key? i broke the key off and without thinking i said fuck! the girl laughed the hubs tried not to and i was stunned.

the girl: mooooooommmmmm you said the f word.
me: yeah, i know, i'm sorry, i shouldn't have said that.
the hubs: yeah mommy shouldn't have said that (totally egging me on).
the girl: what made you say that?
me: i don't know it just slipped out.
the girl: how did that slip out if you don't normally say that? (this took me back about 25 years when my mom asked the same thing when i slipped up and said jesus christ in front of her. i got smacked for that one.)
the hubs: mom said the f-word.
me: i don't know girl, i shouldn't have said it, that's not a good word.
the girl: it's probably cos you just got back from ny.
me: uh, no.
then i proceeded to tell her people in ny are perfectly nice. i have no idea why she thinks new yorkers go around saying fuck.

this evening she also asked the hubs if he had a vascectomy; she said the cats were humping and then she asked if rebel (the male cat) had his johnson cut off when he was fixed. (of course she thought a johnson meant balls). dear lord where did these words come from?

total non sequitor
so, we've sort of covered (or uncovered) the hoohoo shaving issue. guys love it, some girls do, some don't. what about legs? yes, of course when you're trying to trap, i mean woo, a guy you shave your legs every day. (i want to know how to type stuff and then make it look like i've scratched it out--anyone know how to do that?) after the honeymoon is over and you've been together for, oh i don't know, almost 16 years, you don't necessarily shave the legs every day. granted, as i've said before, i'm not a hairy person. during another girl chat today we've decided that after a certain point in a relationship the guy doesn't pay a whole helluva lot of attention to your legs anyway (or maybe we are with men who aren't leg men?) so why bother.

i don't go months at a time without shaving them (i won't mention any names) but usually during the winter i don't shave them each and every day. frankly, if i were single and not having sex i probably wouldn't shave them except in the spring/summer. not that i don't like to be well groomed, but if nobody was seeing it it doesn't bother me.

feel free to discuss.
and, what's your favorite dirty word?


Anonymous said...

Speaking as a single woman, I don't shave my legs unless I have to.

Shit is my fave bad word.

Sweet T

Tyler Durden said...

Shit, fuck, fuck face, fuck head, dick head, asshole, shit for brains, shit face, dick licker, ass face, fuck wad, faggot ass hommo, you name it, I use it. I am a Drill Sergeant. It's mandatory.

As for shaving your legs, it is not an option. If you are a woman, God made razors for you to shave your legs. There are no heterosexual males in the world that want to sleep next to a woman with hairy legs. No way. Shave it until the last day. There is no question about it.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

ah TD, and we wonder why you're single : )

i like the word fuck in all it's forms too, fucktastic is a good one.