Tuesday, February 19, 2008


*i am amazed by the things people talk about when they're out in public, like nobody around them can hear them, especially in a work-related situation.

*i have to disspell the myth that new yorkers are rude. i am in nyc at least once a year for work and i have never had a bad experience with people being rude to me. on the contrary most people i've come in contact with have been incredibly friendly/polite.

*it should be illegal for airplanes to be so jam packed and uncomfortable. i typically don't have a problem flying (i don't like sitting on the tarmac cos i get clausterphobic, but flying itself doesn't wig me out) but last nights flight home was sort of bumpy, lots of turbulence. i briefly thought oh fuck we're going to crash.

*i finished the handmaiden's tale. i'm going to read it again before i return it. it's disturbed me again. you'd think, given that i read and write pretty much for a living, that i could write a good book review that would suck you in and make you want to read this book, but i can't. i feel books, like i do music, and then can't describe them. it's a feeling not a word. anyway, the book is good and you should read it. i may try to write about it more when my brain is actually working.

*not only was the house (and garage) clean when i got home (finally) last night (it usually is) but the hubs had also changed the kitty litter and done laundry! wow.
*people should not be allowed to wear cologne/perfume on airplanes. especially the flight attendants.

*my ny brushes with fame (and i use that term very loosely) include marie osmond and bindi, the crocodile hunter's daughter. oh, and the founder of pound puppies. yes, you can be awed now.
*bernard and doris, movie on hbo about tobacco heiress doris duke and her butler, is a good movie. i watched it for the second time this weekend. susan sarandon and ralph feinnes.

*i forgot to take pictures of this from the hotel--but it had an intimacy kit for sale in the bathroom : ) 2 condoms, lube and "moist towelettes;" i would have bought it just for the fun of it to bring home but it was $8. really? c'mon.

*this is another brush with fame from this week--yes, indiana jones. don't look to close, yes, he's made out of legos. how fucking cool is that????
*i literally passed out about half hour after i got home last night. we made up for it this morning before work (see post headline if you're confused).

*my sister actually repaid us the money she borrowed in september. ha. i'm stunned. hey bro--guess next time you're invited to dinner at mom's you'll go huh? : )


Tyler Durden said...

I like your use of bullet points and parenthesis all over the place. Only extra cool people write like that.

I agree with the perfume comment. Only my girlfriend should be allowed to wear perfume. If a girl that you don't like smells like perfume, it just smells like old lady overdosing on perfume.

Intimacy kit? What kinda Motel 6 did you stay at? :)

Glad you made it back to the corn hole of the world. We missed you.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

perfume/cologne in general are ok but when people overdose in it, especially in work environments, it's gross. you can taste it.

i too was surprised at the intimacy kit cos (as seen from the photos) it certainly wasn't a motel 6. there was also a candle and some hand balm available : )


Anonymous said...

Guess she couldn't have sent the money to us by your mom when I saw her Sat? Also, your sis had to ask me how much. then you Mom turned around and verified if what I said was correct with your bro. Right in front of me. AH!

broad minded said...

i stayed at a w in ny years ago and they had something like that, as well as the liquer to get things going and the smokes for after. i laughed my ass off. also, the room had a mix cd with the first song being let's get it on by marvin gaye. crazy.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

SIL--ah, yeah you have to love the tact mom has dontcha? the hubs said he thought about charging her interest : )

Broad--ohhhh i love me some marvin gaye and let's get it on is awesome. my hotel also had candles and a couple of half bottles of wine : ) sadly only the candles got used this trip.

Anonymous said...

Wow. It was interesting to see such a talented writer make this statement: "i feel books, like i do music, and then can't describe them. it's a feeling not a word." - I've been in the process of trying to write something for a long time about feelings and have struggled to no end. I was blaming my lack of skills, but knowing that you are like minded in this has eased my worries of how my attempt may be perceived. I'm no writer by any means... but seriously enjoy your blog!

Creative Kerfuffle said...

anon--first i totally do not consider myself a talented writer (hence the reason i have delusions of grandeur that i might some day write a thoughtful, life-changing novel), but thank you.
second, i think that anytime one tries to write about emotions it's hard but you just have to do it and get it out there. screw people if they don't get it, like it or understand it.

tl said...

Re: your brush with fame (non-lego, just as plastic). Was Marie hawking those dang dolls again? She was at the SF show a few years ago and the inch-depth of makeup was pretty disturbing/scary. I guess she always needs to be prepared for paparazzzi from People or [insert mag which shall go unnamed to protect blogger from inadvertent google discovery].

Creative Kerfuffle said...

tl--lol, yes, i did see the one who's a little bit country. actually at first i didn't recognize her as she got out of the limo cos she was actually toting her own luggage. she's very petite and has had WAY too many surgeries. however, i did think it was cool that she wasn't being a diva about her bags. apparently she was in her booth hawking her dolls but i didn't go by. i didn't realize she sold them anywhere but qvc. i heard donnie was there too but did't personally see him. the ugliest child in the world was there too, bindi (croc hunter's kid) hawking something. i'm sorry but that kid is fugly. overall i was most impressed with indiana jones : ) oh and thanks for protecting me : )
aren't you leaving soon??? you know i expect pics and a report and everything!!!! (me dripping w/ jealousy)