Sunday, February 24, 2008


i get stuck on certain TV shows and often am not "hip" to what's currently on. i never got into survivor, 24, grey's anatomy, etc. even my all time favorite show (that i have referenced ad nauseum here) west wing, we didn't watch when it was new. we fell in love with west wing after it had ran its course. of course now that we have all seasons on dvd and have watched it through at least 10 times i still love it. anyway, we had never watched lost. several friends have told me about it and have the commitment to it that i have to west wing. donut let us borrow the first season on dvd (which i think is always the best way to go on these types of things). we watched three episodes last night and i think i'm hooked. omg--it's very intense. i will keep you posted on how this love affair with a new show turns out.

we also are lost on what to do with the kids. yes i go on and on about how great they are, they're smart and funny and each have specific talents that they totally rock at, but dammit, i have perhaps the most spoiled, ungrateful kids on the planet and i don't know how to change them. right now the hubs is in there talking to them yet again.

yesterday when we were running our errands, grocery, etc. they each wanted to go different places and we said we'd do that today. the girl wanted to shop for yarn (she's a knitting machine) and the boy wanted to shop for coins (for his growing coin collection). so the boys went coin shopping and to get hair cuts and the girl and i went yarn shopping and clothes shopping for me. while buying yarn the girl also found the latest webkinz. (they get an allowance and have to save their money for these purchases.)

so when we all got home everyone was happy. briefly. the boy wanted to get the new webkinz. the girl formed a plan to ask if the hubs would take them back out, another special trip, to get him a webkinz. never mind that we'd made special trips for them earlier today and never mind that the boy didn't even have enough allowance left to buy the webkinz (the girl was going to makeup the difference she said.) we said no, we aren't going back out but next weekend when the boy has more allowance we can go. they pouted and threw fits. the hubs tried to talk to them about their greed an ungratefulness. the girl kept running her mouth. so the hubs took away allowances (spankings don't really work for them plus i think they're getting too old for them; i don't like spankings anyway). the girl was sent to her room for her sassiness. she's typically the instigator in these things.

how in the hell do you make kids realize how good they have it? how do you make them thankful for the things you do? no, i don't expect nor want them to fall all over me anytime i do something for them, it's my job, i like doing for them, they are my life. but when you do something and the very next thought in their head is what's next? what else can i get or will you just pisses me off.


broad minded said...

i am convinced with the step daughter that you can't make them realize it, it is like most things they have to come to it themselves. you just have to keep setting the limits and sticking to them in the meantime. and drink.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

broad--so you're telling me i have at least 10 more years of this crap? yeah me.
i think i need to buckle down and be a hardass w/ them. yeah, that's SO me. i like the drinking suggestion though i much prefer the ganga : )

broad minded said...

haha. you are so naive. the step daughter is 23 and she still doesn't get it everyday, maybe every third day. but i think if you lay on the hardass it does develop faster. the step admittedly did not have a consistent (my beloved can be a softie) or sane (her mom) hardass riding her.

smoke it if you got it—but for christ sake, could someone teach me how to inhale?????

Anonymous said...

The nephew asked me today if we could buy a new house. Uh why? Just because.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

ah guinnea pig--for the good of mankind i would to TOTALLY happy to teach you to inhale : ) that is one of my missions for this year ; )

SIL--holy crap really? that made me lol. god i miss you guys!