Monday, February 11, 2008

the abcs of me

so enough of the sad posts. though i've pretty much spilled my guts on this thing time after time i thought it would be fun to do the abcs of me.
a---the absinthe drinker by degas is a painting that begs to have its story told; why is she sitting there, looking so dejected?

b---bacos, the crunchy fake kind? are gross; only real bacon bits for me
c---chicken, though i like eating it i really detest cooking it or touching/seeing it raw. the thought of the skin, eww, it creeps me out.
d---doodling, if you look around my desk you'll find i doodle all the time when i'm on the phone, or in a meeting. i like doodling.
e---ellen degeneres, the few times i've watched her talk show i've really liked it. i liked her back when she did stand up and had her own show. she just seems like a genuine, nice, funny person, someone i could be friends with.
f---fire, i love sitting by the firepit, poking in the fire, getting lost in the fire and playing with fire

g--- garden cairns have always fascinated me, i think it would be cool to have one in our yard
h---hark the herald angels sing is one of my favorite christmas songs
i---ice cream is something i totally binge on sometimes. i can go months without eating it and then i want to eat it every single night.
j---jello, not so much. i don't really like jello at all, unless of course it is a jello shooter and then hell ya!

k---kissing is one of my favorite things
l---lipstick, i'm not a big lipstick wearer. love me some lip balm or lip gloss, but lipstick, eh, never found a color i really liked. though back in the day when that pale pink/white lipstick was in i loved that color. i think i was in high school.
m---marshall university is my college alma mater
n---noses, my kids have my nose

o---opus, ah, my love. i started liking penguins (which led to the antarctica thing) after reading about opus in bloom county in high school.
p---pomegranites, i like the idea of them, i like the look of them, but damn they're hard to eat. i like the myth that goes along with them.
q---quotes, i collect them; i love them; i have pages and pages of them.
r---rain, raindrops, rain storms, all make me happy mostly. i love the sound/smell of them.
s---signals, i want to own just about everything in this catalog
t---trees are probably one of my favorite things. looking around our house you'll find a lot of tree pictures. i like trees.
u---ugly, i don't feel as ugly as i once did.
v---vices? yes, mary jane, cigs, procrastinating (is that a vice?)
w---williams is my very common maiden name.
x---most x words are about science so the only thing i have is x as in xs and os and i love both. so the x is supposed to be the kiss right? to me it should be the hug because it's like crossed arms.

y---yo yos, i never got the hang of yo yos.

z---zoos make me sad, seeing the animals all penned up for life


Trish said...

Never knew about you and yo yo's. Everything else...yep, I knew.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

awww, you know me well. actually, i think i've spilled pretty much all of my likes dislikes here and aside from the deep, deep dark secrets i've shared most everything.