Wednesday, February 13, 2008

hairless pets?

even though i'm off to ny tomorrow don't despair, i'm sure i'll be blogging from there. what the hell else am i going to do alone in my room at night? oh, well, yeah there is that, but c'mon : )

anyway, another question for you.

shaving. oddly enough the topic of shaving the naughty bits came up at lunch today and even more oddly i wasn't the one to bring it up. nice lunch convo huh? anyhoo. there were five girls at the table and two regularly shave/trim mow the lawn (one does waxing, ouch!) one i didn't quite get her answer and the other doesn't.

also oddly enough i didn't know how to ask the questions i was dying to ask. namely these--do people shave for the sheer sexual benefits (what guy doesn't like a shaved hoohoo?) or is it strictly for hygeine/maintenance?

though i do not shave every week i do periodically go totally hairless. i don't do it for the maintenance factor cos frankly i've never been very hirsute.

on the flip side, i don't like shaved male naughty bits.

what's your preference? and, more importantly, if you do shave, what method works best for you? how do you avoid the stubble/itch factor that inevitably follows? do you use a special shaving cream? i found one, no lie, this was the name, couchie cream. it worked really well but you had to order it on the web and i forgot where we got it.


Anonymous said...

i wax mostly b/c shaving is too much trouble and i hate the look of the hair that would grow otherwise on my upper, inner thighs. i have memories of seeing that on my mom and it just grosses me out. now hair on the main area i have no problem with, in fact i think it looks weird for that area to be completely bald, like a skinless chicken breast or something. but the hair on the thighs - blech!!!!!

Tyler Durden said...
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Tyler Durden said...

Ah! Check out my blog!!! I talked about Brazilian wax on my last post. (WARNING: My posts are pretty raw sometimes) I do shave my nuts though otherwise I feel like a monkey. Plus I have not see a porno where the dude has a hairy sack since the 70s. I'm keeping up with the times.

I also have a complete how-to and shaving the monster. Here it is:
(I had to cut the URL. The comment thingy does not wrap it. Your an IT girl, you know how to put it back together


Anonymous said...

Think you need to police your blog

Creative Kerfuffle said...

1st anon--i keep wondering how you saw that on your mom : ) lol ah scary.

TD--read the brazilian post, steamy and ballsy.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

TD--one more thing, i'm totally not an IT girl, hence the reason i couldn't post last night. i don't know much at all about computers, but i have friends that do.

Anonymous said...

just saw her changing clothes or getting dressed i guess.