Sunday, February 10, 2008

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i suck at writing titles for my blogs. my friend gp always has a clever title, but me, not so much.

sorry if the last posts have been downers. i just can't stop thinking about those parents and their grief. the accident happened tuesday night around midnight. the parents had been out to dinner, i think there was a big sports game on that night. from what i understand the kid had been at home when they left (as were the two younger girls). they live right beside their grandparents. the mom had talked to the son about an hour before the accident. for some reason the kid left the house and was on his way back, driving down their road, when he lost control of the car, overcorrected and hit a tree. he was speeding. there were no drugs or alcohol involved. this is the worst, worst part--his parents were the first to find him when they were going home.

the hubs and i have been talking about it. i think we'd have to move. everytime you drove down the road you lived on you would be slapped in the face with that visual.

death is never ever an easy thing to handle but when someone young dies...i just don't know. i know i keep saying i can't imagine, but i guess i shouldn't because that dark corner of my psyche can't help but think oh my god what would i do? how would i get up every day?

i'll try not to post about this any more. i know it's a downer and not knowing the person i'm sure you're all like ok, yeah that's really sad but enough already.

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Trish said...

It's more than really sad. It's unthinkable. Your grief is understood.