Tuesday, February 26, 2008

signs you're getting old

remember this album? do you feeeeeeeeellllll like i do? peter frampton was the first concert i ever attended. i was in the third grade. my youngest aunt (who's about 8-9 yrs older than me) had an extra ticket and i went with her, her then boyfriend and another friend. i had no idea who he was but i was excited as hell. i was 8, hanging out with HIGH SCHOOLERS and going to a CONCERT. wow. i remember standing in my seat to see better. i even have a Polaroid (remember those? the cameras that spit the picture out and you had to shake it a few minutes before the image appeared?) of him, though if you didn't know who it was you probably couldn't tell just by looking at it.

anyway, peter is now doing an insurance commercial. geico maybe? i don't know. here's peter recently.

i actually have the album frampton comes alive. it's really good.
what makes you feel old?

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