Tuesday, February 12, 2008

hard vs. soft or primal vs. ethereal

ok, some of you were brave (though cloaked behind anon) and commented on the predelections post--yay you--and i guess it didn't do anything scientific but it did make me feel like i'm not a freak.
in that regard i have another question. this isn't TOO personal, like i'm not asking for details, cos ewww that would be tmi, but i'm curious if i'm the only one who does this.
for the sake of my question i'm assuming there are two major "love" moods. there is the omg i am soooo very horny and i don't care where or how we do it but i want to do it now and it's hard and fast and you don't really talk (or if you do it's dirty) and it's just primal. then there is the omg, i love you so much i just want to climb inside you and live there forever and snuggle close to you and slowly, softly sensuously make love and become one and reach a higher plane than we ever thought possible.
actually i guess there's a third, more normal mood and that one is like it could go either way, it's good and lovely and wonderful but doesn't have quite the intensity of the other two. the two intense versions do not mix. it's like, uh, don't even try to be all hot and heavy when i'm in the slow and slinky phase, and vice versa.
am i the only one who does that?
non sequitors
a few of my crazy-ass friends and i were emailing today or maybe it was yesterday, i lose track of time these days, and lamenting about not seeing me lately. awwww, they like me, they really like me : ) anyway, just so you know, when the conference is over in march we're thinking of having a get together. it's been forever since we've had one. so, i'll keep you posted on that.

mrs. a--if you're still reading--wtf??? i check your blog daily and today it's gone. i hope everything is ok. you haven't posted in forever and have been lying low.

as you may know, the girl is in fifth grade this year (sniff sniff), her last year in elementary school. they have a fifth grade graduation, good lord don't you know i'll be a basket case that day?! and, for the yearbook they ask you to send in a baby picture of your student. tonight i was looking through pictures for the girl. omg i have the cutest fucking kids in the world! no, seriously, i know people say that cos they have to, but i really really do. i wish i wasn't all secretive and stuff about identity or i'd post them. instead i'm taking a few (hundred) in to work tomorrow to bore my coworkers to death. i also found some of me from different decades. even some pregnant ones of me. good lord.

i have ones from a looooonnnnngggg time ago with sweet t in them (from a cookout at crusty's), some of famous beth when the boy was a baby and there's even one of big t flipping me the bird at our first christmas party : ) nice ; ) god i have great friends.

dear lord are they ever going to fix the fucking spell checker???? you'd think i was a writer or editor or something and didn't need that shit.


Anonymous said...

Awww. Photos of me in your collection. I think I have one of you worshipping the porcelain god. I'll have to search for that one. I have Crusty photos from that night, too, passed out on The Boy's bed.

I agree about the love moods thing. Sometimes you don't have time to take it long and slow. And sometimes you're just tired. And sometimes you just can't wait. I'm getting hot and bothered so I must stop thinking about this now.

Sweet T

Creative Kerfuffle said...

oh, yeah i'd love to see those pics of yours! me worshipping the porcelain god! hooray for scrip scrabble! i think that's the night i got the bump on my head from hitting the commode.

woohooo, now i can say i got sweet t hot and bothered w/ my blog : ) he he he