Friday, February 29, 2008

leap year friday

i'm sure this is a significant day and all, cos, ya know, it's leap year, so happy leap year friday. though i'm quite happy it's friday i'm not happy thinking i leave sunday for the conference. i'm sure it will be fine. i'm not nervous like i have been in the past. i know 99% of the people there so that will be fine. i just have an overwhelming dread about it and am ready for it to be done.

in other thoughts--there's a cheesy poll on the side that only one person has participated in so far. hello folks, pony up, it's not about sex : )

we are officially hooked on lost. neither of us could wait until the kids got in bed last night and we could sit down and relax and delve into another episode. or four. we kept saying, one more, one more. we finally stopped at 2am. omg it's totally addictive. and it's not just me. the hubs digs it too.

dear lord, my crazy-ass brother just called me. he cracks me the hell up. he mimics this comedian and it is so hysterical.

oh, and for those of you who know how to reach me at home, if you get a voicemail that is not my voice, don't leave a message. it's something automatic on the phone that goes to voicemail if we're on the phone. we don't know how to check that voicemail. we've had the phone three years. : ) i'm sure the voicemail is full. i hope it isn't anything important.

another random thing--our state lottery is up to like $153 million. this always sparks those what if conversations for us. the hubs is like, ok, so if i called you monday at the conference and told you we'd one the lottery would you still stay until thursday? i said no but in all reality i probably would just because it would be wrong to not finish what i'd started. i'd give them a two week notice.

i also said i'd give my brother, sister, parents and his sister and one brother $1 million each. the hubs didn't have a problem giving the bro the money, but he didn't want to give anyone else the money. if you won $153 million you'd have enough to share.

if you won $153 million would you share it? and if so with who?

(take the egg poll, inquiring minds want to know!)


Anonymous said...

I like my eggs scrambled. Poll was closed.

Sweet T

broad minded said...

the poll was closed and it depends on who is cooking the eggs. i only eat my husband's scrambled eggs. if i eat eggs out, i want them either over easy or in an omelet.

i only eat the whites of hard boiled eggs. i eat, on average, one deviled egg a year thinking that i will like it more than i do.

finally, i love eggs benedict (poached) but if the yolks aren't runny it is a no-go.

too much egg information? i am a complicated girl.

and yes i would give the family some money from a lottery win. don't know about beyond that, b/c while i would like to help friends, then you have to find a cut off and people start to get their feelings, hurt etc.

Anonymous said...

I would share the lottery money for sure, unless you have borrowed from me and never paid me back. hint hint to your sis. Should we pool our money and give it a shot? I wouldn't finish the conference if I won. My boss would be the first to know that I won. I'd say see ya.

Anonymous said...

I'll add to the Poll Was Closed Group with a "most eggs are good" type comment. Can't say that I would like a squidgie poached, but can't get passed the texture part to check it out. Omletes are a fav and deviled (hard boiled's evil twin) can be good, but best when kept interesting, such as w/ bacon bits (real) or spiced up with a jalapeno slice and a sprinkle of chili powder or hot sauce. Oh yes, variety IS the spice of life ;-) ...and ditto to working a notice and sharing the cash winnings, but the family and friends circle would have to be pretty tight. - LAter

Creative Kerfuffle said...

i don't think i've every had poached or eggs benedict broad, not sure if i would like them; anon--i'm fairly certain i couldn't do spicy eggs, i just don't roll like that.
SIL--what to say about the $ situation? LOL right about now if we won the lottery i might just say fuck it, buy a car and drive the hell home tonight : ) i'm incredibly over this.