Thursday, July 19, 2007


mornings suck. coffee grinders suck. i'm ready for a day off. i'd also like to be able to see.

i went back to the eye doctor. at my visit last week he gave me new contacts and as i've already posted, they don't work. can't see close up.

yesterday he says we're going to try to "trick" my eyes/brain so he made one lens a weaker prescription--mono vision he calls it. he said it would take a few days to get adjusted to it. so far, i'm not adjusting. the next step will be "progressive" contacts (aka bi-focals)

now i'm beginning to think that when i've lost my mind to alzheimer's i'll also be blind. nice thought so fucking early in the morning. (i just did spell check and apparently alzheimer's does not have a T in it : ) who knew?)

the bro has the computer until sun/mon. i will go through withdrawals again. i can't believe how dependent i've become on technology.

the hubs made it home last night. i was a bit concerned because the mapquest directions i printed for him were screwy and several times yesterday he called and i was certain he was lost. of course driving almost 300 miles in a day isn't fun i'm sure.

i need coffee, lots of coffee. sorry there are no caps--too tired. : )


Anonymous said...

Now why would you think Alzheimer's has a T? It's not All-timer's or Old-timer's.

I can relate to your dependence on the computer. I'm getting a new one today and I can't wait!


creative kerfuffle said...

i guess because i say it with a t--altz-heimers. wrong i know : )