Thursday, July 26, 2007

hello sweet cyberspace

oh there is a computer god and his name is my brother : ) ok, perhaps a bit melodramatic but i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccckkkk online at home. he did a bunch of stuff, hooked me up with some new stuff and basically my computer runs better now than it has in years. wow. he kicks ass.

petrifying really how utterly dependent i've become on technology. i'd rather email than talk on the phone, though i do feel a little melancholy for the demise of real letter writing, you know with a good pen and paper. i google things rather than look them up in a dictionary or reference book. i mapquest instead of reading maps, though sometimes mapquest sucks. i shop online sometimes. i even look up phone numbers for work--when i absolutely have to call someone--online. this is interesting sometimes because i'm amazed by companies that do not have even a basic web site.

yes, i've done a few blogs from work to catch you up, but now you'll get back to getting the full force of my late night blogs. some of my best ideas come to me at night.

today i found out what 420 is. i never knew.

so, in case you're wondering about all this travel (referring to TS's comment) i'm doing, let me explain. i think i mentioned back about a month ago when the powers that be were unhappy with me? when my old boss told me i was in danger? one of the things they were concerned about was that i wasn't "out" there enough in the industry. (like they'd know.) i need to be the face, be out there, talking to people (something else i hate--talking to strangers, hello, first rule you learn in kindergarten!) so at least three of my trips this summer were not planned, not part of the initial scheme. my hope is that when we sit down to plan this shit out next year i can cut it back, i have to cut it back. people shouldn't travel this much.

what else? kids are staying with mom tomorrow night. the girl is going to a sleepover saturday night and i leave sunday for vegas. a person shouldn't have to go to vegas three times a year.

the hubs just walked by (he's dusting love his heart) and said, i know someone who's glad to have their computer back. omg i am so happy. it's like a new toy cos i've had to put my favorites back in, put my shortcuts on the desktop, adjust the font size cos the bro had it like at miniscule size, etc.

oh, and on the eye front? i'm now trying out my third set of contacts? did i tell you this already? i don't know. yes, third set. they're "progressive" lens--i.e. bifocal fucking contacts. can you believe that? i'm 38 (33 days until i turn 39) and need bifocal contacts and have cataracts. i've decided i'll be blind and suffering from alzheimer's (with no T) in about 10 years. please come visit me in the old folks home. i don't know if these will work though, they're much thicker (cos they're full of prescription) than my other contacts. i can feel them in my eyes. i've been walking around the last few days with red eyes i think looking suspiciously like i'm stoned. sadly that's not the case.

i think i have rambling blog syndrome and am just spouting out all kinds of things cos i'm so excited to have the computer back.

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