Tuesday, July 31, 2007

i hate...

  1. working
  2. being away from my family
  3. the fact that my kids are so used to me being gone it doesn't really phase them anymore
  4. working until 2 fucking o clock in the morning and nobody even realizes it
  5. hotels with lobbies so fucking massive they give you a damn map to find your way around
  6. people who think their time is more valuable than yours
  7. las vegas
  8. looking at crappy product and feigning excitement
  9. grown men who dress in lime green, knee length suit jackets w/ matching ties (wtf?)
  10. people who get on a crowded elevator to ride one floor
  11. people who see that the elevator is breathing room only and insist on getting on anyway
  12. hotel rooms w/out coffee pots
  13. bad cell phone reception
  14. eating breakfast w/ the queen of evil
  15. people destined to climb the corporate ladder thus bad mouthing people behind their backs to make themselves look better
  16. realizing that you are replaceable and someone can do your old job just as well, if not better, than you
  17. las fucking vegas
  18. people who say--yes, it's 110 but it's a dry heat. fuckers it's still HOT
  19. that there's no polite way to adjust uncomfortable clothing in public
  20. fucking contacts
  21. people who ask me, so, what wonderful things have you seen at the show?
  22. people who bring kids to vegas--uh, hello, SIN CITY it's 11 pm, put the two year olds to bed for god's sake
  23. strangers who say they recognize me
  24. sleeping alone
  25. las vegas

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I miss you sis! You seem miserable and you need to come home. Love and hugs, Donut