Monday, July 23, 2007

love connection, kids, etc.

still no computer at home so this will be a disjointed post to catch up.

last week, not the best. i was in a pissy mood a few days--perhaps due to the hubs and i traveling back to back or maybe it's just that time. anyway, he described it pretty well friday after we'd been bickering for two days. (he still thinks i'm bi-polar, i just think it depends on the time of the month.)

anyway, he described these days when we don't connect on any level the change over time--when one of my personalities is wrestling control away from the other. during that transition time we lose our connection. makes sense to me. these are usually the days i just don't like him and it's usually for no particular reason. i think, for the most part, other people don't really notice the change over; a few might, but in general i don't think so. but things are back to normal, i'm in a better mood although dreading all of the work/travel/chaos that is going to be our lives for the next few weeks.

the FIL and his wife are coming in a few weeks and now the FL Bro and his kids (possibly his wife Jay Leno--no shit, she has Jay's chin) and the hub's sister and Bubba Ass have invited themselves to come too. this should be interesting indeed.

friday the kids had a talent show at daycare. the girl sang--still blows my mind that she has the courage and confidence to do this. she can sing actually and despite the fact that she hasn't won anything she doesn't get discouraged. she was a little sad and mad about not winning, but i'm just extremely proud she even does it. she is in the shadow of the boy in this regard though--he did a hip hop dance move to a disney song call the naked mole rap and got two encores. he won first place for his age group : ) those that saw him dance at donut and ninja's wedding will understand why he won. the girl was proud of him and excited for him--so mature. i've got awesome kids.

we got her the 7th harry potter book saturday evening. it's huge, as big as the last two. she finished it last night! she's dying to discuss the books and the whole thing so i guess i really do have to start reading the series.

what else? we did the usual weekend chores, swam some (christened the pool : ) ) and had my mom and sister/kids over yesterday for dinner. the hubs sort of guilted me into this saying that my sis is making an effort and yada yada so i did it. it wasn't that bad honestly. this, however, does not mean i want to spend all my time with her, but i guess i can grow up and include her in my life a little more often. i am holding my breath though because she's started going to church and has "found" religion. she seems quite committed and there's nothing wrong with that, but the hubs reminded me that the last time she got religion it was a short time later that she went off on one of her bi-polar benders and all hell broke loose.

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