Wednesday, July 18, 2007

so proud

quickie post--i think my bro is coming today to get my computer and the hubs should be home any minute--back from his trip to the coast.

the boy went on a field trip today (see earlier when i was up too early) to a museum.

me: so, how was the field trip.
the boy: it was good but we didn't get to see the grown up art.
me: what do you mean?
the boy: we made some stuff but didn't actually go to the part of the museum to see grown up art. i mean i didn't think we would see the mona lisa or the scream (YES he knows these works of art!!! omg i'm so proud) but i didn't want to see kid's art. i can do that myself.
me: well, we'll have to find an art museum to visit. but, you won't see the mona lisa, that's in france.
the boy: that's ok, but i'd like to see some grown up art, like something famous. they did have this one cool thing there it was like a head, like lincoln or something.
me: like a sculpture?
the boy: yes! and it was marvelous! (yes, he said marvelous and you could hear the passion and appreciation in his voice. i just might pee my pants i'm so excited.) it was made out of stone and bronze.
the boy: i really want to go to a museum if it doesn't cost like $63 to get in. (where the hell did that random price come from??)

so that's it, my proud mommy moment for the day. my boy rocks.

i think it's time for a dip in the pool.


Anonymous said...

Cool! So glad to hear the Boy is interested in "grown up art"! The NCMOA has some nice pieces, but probably not anything he'd recognize. They do have Monet and O'Keeffe. It's nice, and the permanent collection is free, I think.


Unknown said...

Take him to Salem Soho or SECCA.
-Big T