Monday, July 30, 2007

live from vegas

sunday night i'm in vegas for work. i hate vegas. flying in today i had my first bad flying experience. there was a bit of turbulence, that doesn't normally bother me, flying doesn't bother me at all. but this was the first time i'd been on a plane and a bumpy ride that there was a collective gasp. that freaked me out a bit, but obviously we landed ok.

my luggage, on the other hand, had a worse trip. evidently it wanted to hang out in atlanta longer than i did. once i got here i waited at the airport for almost two hours for the next flight to finally get my bag.

came to the hotel, caesar's. it is ginormous. way too big. i don't want to stay here again. all i wanted when i got here was to get to my room and have something to eat. room service takes forever and costs an arm and a leg so i went downstairs. did i say i hate vegas? too many people, too much noise. food, that's all i wanted. mostly sit down restaurants. i just wanted to grab something to bring to the room so i could finish my work (that ended up taking about three hours).

enough bitching for now.

i'm reading the harry potter books so the girl will have someone to talk to about them. i finished the second one on the plane. she's happy but really wants me to hurry up so i'll finish the newest one.

friday night the kids spent the night with my mom. the hubs and i stayed home and had a good time. saturday was a busy busy day. donut gave us a bedroom suite for the girls room so we picked that up and moved her old stuff out (to my mom and sister's) and ran lots of errands. the girl had a birthday party sleepover so two nights before i left she was gone. sniff sniff. her cat was beside herself missing the girl. it was sweet. she meowed all weekend. the girl came home this morning before i left and the cat was all over her. hugging her, yes, hugging her, meowing at her and everything.

the hubs has been busting his butt all day on projects. the in-laws will descend on us starting friday night (i get home late, like 11 wed. night).

as much as he jokes about me being bi-polar, i had to tease him about being josh-like this weekend. this is a west wing reference but in the final six weeks of the santos campaign, josh stresses out and starts running over the same things over and over again in his head and out loud. the hubs has been doing this for a few days. running over everything that needs done in the next week, planning, etc. it's what he does. he's a planner, i'm a fly by the seat of my pants type.

i'm really tired. although it's only 10:30 here my body says it's 1:30. i didn't have an early flight today, actually left at noon, but we've been going balls to the wall since i can't remember when.

i hate vegas, i'm ready to go home.

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