Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just some stuff

Got back from Atlanta last night; work trip. I am so over trade shows. Not just the traveling but sadly I'm over seeing what seems to be the same old same old product all the time. Once in awhile there's something exciting, but not really.

What I did like about this trip is that Donut and I roomed together. We've done this before in Atlanta, the only place we both travel to at the same time. We are so compatible. After a day at the show, talking, smiling, being "on," we were both perfectly fine with coming back to our room and not feeling like we had to make small talk. We just sort of fell into a groove, one of those you get when you've known someone forever. Even though we haven't known each other forever, it has been awhile and she really is more like family than anything else.

A few times when we were out with our other co-workers at dinner I felt like she and I were the grown ups sitting at the kids' table : ) Two of our co-workers in particular, bless their hearts, are perfectly nice but despite their age could easily pass for two teenage girls on the maturity level. These are the two I was with during the conference as well--that made me feel old. Things were not helped this time around because I'd just visited the eye doctor and am getting my contact prescription changed. The ones he's given me to try out are great for distance, I can see things really well far away, but I can't read anything close up. So one night at dinner I had to have Donut read the menu to me. God, I am getting old!

(Also, the eye doc told me I have cataracts! Can you believe that shit? They aren't the type that need surgery--yet--and maybe never will. He was concerned/surprised because I had no signs of them last year and because I'm so young (at least by cataract standards). Causes? Could be genetic (nope), womb trauma (not), smoking (ok--but then you'd think a lot more people my age had them), diabetes (nope) or thyroid issues (not, at least I don't think so). I have to go back in six months. He did say they are not affecting my vision though.

As we know, in my head I'm 26, but in reality I'll be 40 next year. I don't like to think about that. Not because I'm vain or really care, it just sounds like my life is half over and I know I'm not half done with the things I want out of life. It's more about facing mortality than being 40 I guess.

I had a total West Wing moment at the hotel. This won't mean a thing to most of you but there's an episode when they're on the campaign trail for Santos and Vinnick and they show three of the characters at 5:30 in the morning. First is Josh, road warrior that he is, not being able to use the key card in the door--he does it too fast. I think of this every time I open a hotel door. Then it's how they go about their morning. Josh fumbles with the coffee maker, Donna set her's up the night before; they both turn on the TV to find out what's going on in the world, etc. I had to call The Hubs to share the moment.

Speaking of--he took the kids to see Transformers Friday night and we're going to see Harry Potter today sometime. He goes out of town tomorrow for two days. Talk about poor timing.

My escalator fear/paranoia was in full force in Atlanta. The Marta, airport, trade show buildings, fucking escalators everywhere. Oddly, I do not have a fear of heights. Love the window seat on planes, love being on top of high buildings (Eiffel Tower, Empire State) seeing the view. But riding down on high/long escalators, especially ones in an open atrium area, freak me out. Several times during the show my heart jumped into my throat with panic.

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April and I were on an escalator in the apparal mart and my knees actually buckled. - Big T