Saturday, June 27, 2009

out of the groove

i have fallen out of my blogging groove. it's not that i don't love it or you but i feel like my posts lately have been here's what we've been doing, xyz, and it's just not hitting the blog sweet spot for me.

this week i conquered our bedroom and actually decluttered seven yrs (how long we've been in this house) worth of crap. i have no idea how so much stuff came to live in our bedroom. a little bit here, a little bit there. i watch house hunters all the damn time so i can safely say our closet is large, it is not a small room, but it's pretty big. before clean out you couldn't step a foot in it. after clean out i discovered in 7 yrs the hubs has amassed a suitcase full of porn. he's in the convenience store business so the guys that stock that stuff in the stores would give him a dvd here a magazine there. really, how much porn does one couple need?

the closet also houses boxes of old game systems, wires, speaker cord, etc. the hubs' job tomorrow is to go through all of that and see if there's anything there that even belongs in this century. we are a family of four and each of us is a pack rat of one thing or another. for my part in the closet there were way, way too many saved gift bags; so much so that they were crumpled and torn and totally unusable. tossed em. clothes neither of us has worn in 5 yrs or more and clothes so worn out nobody should ever wear again.

i had two tote bags living in the corner beside my night stand. and this is why i save shit---within those tote bags i found calendars from 05, 06, 08--where i wrote appts. or events (mostly work stuff but lots of other stuff too). i found homemade cards from my kids, pictures tucked away, brochures from places we've been. i have a trunk full of things like that from more than 20 yrs ago. that trunk is heavier than shit but if our house burned down i'd try like hell to get it out. so many memories in that trunk. letters from my grandparents when we lived in germany; a birthday card my cousin gave me when i turned i--i can see the card now--it's a big 8. a piece of coal from a school field trip i took in 3rd grade to a power plant. all of my high school journals and some school projects and senior memories book, etc. there's a sweater in there that belonged to my great grandma, i used to wear it in high school.

(i have no idea where this post was supposed to go and certainly don't know how i got off on this tangent!)

friday i finished our room. it is clean. it is decluttered and it feels twice as big. that might also have to do w/ the fact that the hubs removed a huge piece of furniture (entertainment center) that i didn't want to part w/ 7 years ago but didn't know where to put, so it ended up in our room. now the hubs and i each have our own dressers and i like our room. except the color. but painting is on the to do list---i just have to pick a color. any suggestions? it's a soft green now and i'm over it.


Fragrant Liar said...

Wowee, you really have been busy. Decluttering is one of the best things you can do, if you ask me. Not only do you declutter the house but it feels like you declutter your brain too. Like you don't have to wade through so much stuff to get to what you really want. It's freeing. Isn't it? Did you feel better afterward?

I don't have suggestions for color as it's so subjective. I am a lover of particular shades of green, but I can see how after awhile you'd want to change things up.

I hear a lot of bloggy dissatisfaction lately from people lately. I haven't been blogging enough to know, but I wonder if it's seasonal?

Pseudo said...

Last year I was such a new blogger I didn't realize summer is light in the blog world. But I can see why.

That job sounds big. I have been decluttering our office, and although I do this every summer, this time I went through the desk drawers and the storage space under the stairs. Lots of cords and useless tech crap.


Gal Friday said...

Same thing here, too, c.k.
Not been feeling the blogging urge so much and a little down(constant bad weather, work, certain humans...gggrrr..)

I bought three rattan chests of various sizes last week--to hold all my piles of crap and memorabilia that is piled up in a corner of my bedroom. Need to take the time like you did, to go through it all and re-organise it. One day this summmer...that is the plan.
I love that you have a sweater that was your Great Grandmother's! And how you so non-chalantly mention your husband's suitcase full of porn..LOL!

Ali said...

I love a good declutter. I always feel very organised and calm after a clean-out like that. As for the colour I think you should think about colours you love (in clothes and things) and try and work those into the colour scheme for the room. I say go for something a bit different that you might not have thought of as a paint your room type colour before.

Just B said...

I was going to say green, but maybe a bordello red to go with all the porn would be nice:)

Isn't it amzaing what we hold onto?!

Astarte said...

I've been decluttering, too, with the new furniture and wallpaper. It feels SO GOOD!!!!

Our bedroom is pale green, also, and I don't like it, either. I'm toying with doing a rose color, or ... I dunno. I don't want yellow, or blue, or green, and probably not red, and that doesn't leave a whole lot. I should look in some magazines or something, I suppose.

Gal Friday said...

Warm colors in a bedroom are good--reds, shades of pink, even oranges--makes skin look good, you know?
My bedroom walls are painted a warm apricot shade-I love it!
*just my two cents worth on the decorating issue. Have fun with it, no matter what you decide to paint the walls.

Pandora said...

I'm also all about a red bedroom,I seriously want one,but since we only rent,there's really no chance I'll be getting one anytime soon :(

You are SO lucky to have a trunk full of all those memories.I would do anything to have had the brains to have started saving things like that from a young age.If I have a kid someday,I'm keeping every.little.thing for them.

Anonymous said...

In the last 14 years the longest I have lived in one house/apartment is five years (our current place) although this is really annoying, it does really keep the clutter down because every time we move we purge a lot of stuff!

I have decided I am painting my new house a nice pale, pale yellow. I think it will make me feel happy.


Hotch Potchery said...

My bedroom is 3 walls pale yellow, one wall pale green, and I love it. 5 years still.

Like my sister I have never lived in any building more than 5 years EVER, and am about to get to 5 years and 1 day in this house in 2 we have a ton of clutter...but the last of the clutter should move out in August. (the highschool kid). HA HA. just kidding.

drollgirl said...

wow!!! you must feel great!

i have a theory that people are either hoarders or chuckers. i tend to be a chucker, but i hoard shoes and clothes like a maniac. there goes my theory.

the Mayor said...

It must be in the air, just switched two of the kids bedrooms and an now staring at my own bedroom closet wondering where to start.