Tuesday, June 16, 2009

23 things

977---apparently that is how many posts i've posted since starting this thing. sometimes i glance at my archives and think, wow, i've been doing this a long time.

i have a bunch of stuff running through my head (yeah, what's new) and wanted so desperately to corral these ideas into a clever, thoughtful post but all i could come up w/ is something to do w/ numbers.

since i'm not going to write 977 things about myself i decided to add the numbers together (just a sec, i need my calculator) that's 23 things. ok so here are 23 things.

1. weirdness--i'm watching an episode of southpark about turrets syndrome. today at dinner the boy asked if my friend broad has turrets. we had lunch w/ her and some other friends today and the boy commented on her sailor slang : ) i have turrets here but not in real life.

2. the wireless mouse on my remote has bit the dust and i find it incredibly difficult to use a computer w/out a mouse. (the soundtrack to this post is eric cartman yelling cuss words involuntarily and the hubs snoring. so, if i say ass cheeks, shit ball, ass pussy or dick tits in this post you'll know why. i could so be a writer for southpark.)

3. i really did have a creative post brewing in my head that quickly ran out the door when i sat down to write. wtf!

4. we harvested two yellow squash from our garden. i sauteed one the other night and had to beg each one of my family members to eat a bite. dammit. none of them like squash. i ate it. i was so proud that we actually grew them!
5. i am judgemental. i know this. i know it's wrong, but i do it anyway.

6. thanks for the suggestions about how to keep the urchins occupied this summer. it should be noted, i excitedly suggested to them that they should read a book a week (i should set this example) and to make it exciting maybe we could start a kids book review blog. they both rolled their eyes and said that was too much like homework.

7. and, as for the snacks, healthy lunches. tracy suggested mac n cheese. did i ever tell you that i have the only boy child on the planet who does not like mac n cheese? and the girl? only likes the orange kraft mac n cheese. not homemade. the boy also does not like condiments on his sandwich, dressing on his salad, butter or melted cheese. this from the kid who used to eat cheese and grape jelly sandwiches. weirdo.

8. i dyed the girl's hair tonight. she has my hair, it gets darker as she gets older so rather than the blond she used to be she is a dirty blond or maybe even a light brunette. after our dye job she is sort of a strawberry blond. it looks cute. for some reason she thinks its cool to take these "moody" pictures of herself.

9. i love van morrison's astral weeks.

10. i want to paint all but one room in my house.

11. i thought it only fair to share a pic of the boy that he took of himself since i shared one of the girl.
12. looking through all of the pics i have i realize that i'm always the one taking the pictures, therefore there are very few of me. and? the ones i do have of me are ones the kids snapped w/out me knowing and i usually look like crap.
13. i can't believe my grandma and brother-in-law have been dead for 3 months. i haven't been to my aunt's house (where my gma had been living since the summer) since the last time i saw her. we did go by my gma's house to dig up some of her bulbs to plant in our yard. i was surprised by how upset that made me.
14. we finally got the girl a new bike this week (she outgrew the old one). now we are letting them ride further away from the house in our neighborhood. they love this freedom but it still freaks me out when they turn the corner and i can't see them anymore. odd how things have changed. when i was a kid i was outside all day, all over the place w/out supervision.
15. i ran across my first "boyfriend" on facelibre. it was 7th or 8th grade and the extent of our dating involved walking beside each other to our next class (we might have held hands) and we talked on the phone once or twice during which time we let our guinea pigs talk to each other. yeah, i was pretty freaking cool back then : )
16. one of my favorite holidays is coming up, july 4th (my other fave is halloween). i LOVE fireworks.
17. why can't i remember those great post ideas that were running through my head earlier today???
18. we are going camping this weekend w/ my bro/sil. some of my friends cannot imagine me camping. granted, we have only camped once in our tent (w/ the boy scouts) but, as a child i camped a lot w/ my grandparents. of course my grandma's idea of camping included a camper (w/ air conditioning/tv). my cousin and i thought it was quite the adventure if we got to sleep in the back of my grandpa's truck (it had a camper topper on it) or in a tent while the grown ups slept in the camper. lots of times we'd have sleepovers in the camper when it was still parked in my grandma's driveway. she'd come out there and play cards w/ us or bring us snacks. she was awesome. (this is not the gma that died in march.)
19. i think my baby niece puddin might be a hair twirler like my nephew and me. neither of my own kids picked up this habit.
20. i am loving not getting up at 6am. now i set the alarm for the hubs, wake him up around 7:30, slip back to sleep and get up around 9. i'm thinking i should set the alarm and force myself to get up at 8:30 though. i could EASILY sleep in every single day until 10 or 10:30.
21. i have discovered that i don't really have any being-around-the-house clothes.
22. this took me entirely too long to write and...
23. was not nearly the cool post i intended.


only a movie said...

Of course it's cool, photos of your cute kids, and the astral weeks reference (which is genius music, in my mind).

drollgirl said...

i think this is a cool post! and your kids are BEAUTIFUL! and your son is such a picky eater! just like my brother! and my boyfriend. hell, i am a picky eater too, as i scrunched up my face when you mentioned SQUASH. horrors!!!

broad minded said...

if only i could be so easily explained as tourette's . . .

Anonymous said...

I really like your daughters hair, the color is really nice!

I told Warren that if anything ever happens to me Steamboat won't even know I existed because I'm almost NEVER in any of our pictures, because I'm always the one taking them!


Pandora said...

NOT LIKE MAC AND CHEESE?!That is a travesty!LOL,although my sister doesn't like it either.At least,she doesn't like the shape of the macaroni pasta.Freaking weirdo.

I am totally a hairtwirler!Since I started growing hair,I've twirled it,whenever,wherever.My mom used to hate me doing it,but she could never make me stop doing it.

the Mayor said...

I make up the most awesome posts in my head while driving, then when it comes time to write one up the idea is gone...poof. It's so aggravating.
At least you got through your list.