Monday, June 15, 2009

first day of kids' summer break

it is only 1:32 and so far so good. the girl has only commented once on FB that she was bored. the boy only objected twice while we were in a store because i was trying on shorts (that looked hideous once i got them on) rather than looking at something he wanted to look at. this was after i went to the coliseum to buy tickets for him and the hubs to go to an upcoming....wait for it....wrestling event. oyfuckingvey.

i really should not complain. i don't do sports, watch them or otherwise (except hockey, i discovered i do like watching a hockey match) and thankfully the hubs is not one of those men who watch anything that has a ball involved (well, except porn but that's another post). but, the boy has gotten into watching wrestling and the hubs thought he'd get a kick out of going to a live event.

my mom is now on FB and is my friend. not quite sure how i feel about that. it's strange. but, i'm not full on out there on FB like i am here. come to think of it i'm probably not like i am here unless i'm really cutting loose w/ friends. i don't go around saying fuck and stuff, though i do throw out a douche canoe now and then.

last night we watched adam sandler in that zohan movie---omfg it was horrible. i love adam sandler usually, but that movie sucked badly. so very very badly. then we watched brad pitt benjamin buttons. it was long, which is fine cos i liked it. but, it devastated me. i think i quietly cried for the last 45 minutes of the movie and then afterwards i was still crying. we went to bed and i started welling up again. holy crap. there are some movies that i love that do that to me---out of africa, beaches, gone w/ the wind. they do not have happy hollywood endings but they have the right endings. i become attached to the characters in those movies and so bereft when they end.

i've written many times before about how music speaks to me. how it moves me. how it can influence my moods, good or bad. i think my life should have a soundtrack. i associate certain moments/periods/memories of my life w/ music. songs often are like time machines for me, transporting me back to an exact moment that is so crystal clear.

the other day on the radio a female dj was talking about this very same thing and one of the songs for her is this, these arms of mine, by otis redding. i couldn't actually find otis performing this on youtube, but this is him singing it, ignore the video that goes w/ it. tell me that song doesn't move you. i don't personally have any memories tied to this song but i love it. it makes me want to slow dance and then....well, it's just powerful.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, it is going to be a long summer for you. Does your town have any free activities for the kids during the day?

I was talking to a co worker of mine today and he LOVED Benjamin Button. I really did not like it, I just thought it was boring. I just don't really get invested in books are different for me, those I can totally get invested in the charecters.


Pseudo said...

Songs are powerful time machines for me too. I liked your linked song.

BTW Porn balls is my new fun phrase.

cheatymoon said...

We have such similar musical tastes. I love to listen to old Otis Redding and Sam Cooke songs. Something summery about them too... (for me, at least).
Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

What a fun name for a blog! Great look with the wallpaper!


Hotch Potchery said...

No freaking way would I be friends with my mother on FB. NO WAY. My Dad is on FB and get this...he asked Mr. P to be his frient, but NOT ME. I don't want to be his FB friend...but dude, he could have asked.

Gmail your address and I will sent you the book!!

drollgirl said...

that otis song is just the best.

and i have heard mixed things about benjamin button. maybe i will rent it if i need a good cry? maybe. hmm.

Pandora said...

I totally agree on the Zohan movie.It sucked beyond belief.I can't believe that Adam Sandler,at any point,thought that movie was going to be good.

You are a brave woman to try on shorts.I haven't worn shorts since I was probably in 8th grade or something.They do not look good on me.Ever.