Tuesday, June 2, 2009

non sequitors for all

*****jasper, the boy kitty the hubs and the kids rescued and and brought home in october, had his manly bits realigned yesterday. we're hoping he calms down just a schooch. although, really? he's a cute baby.
*****a few days after i lost my job i got on twitter and linked in and all those social networking things, mainly because i was part of them professionally for the job and wanted to keep my fingers in whatever pie might come along. i still have not figured out what i should do w/ either. obviously i am not twittering the stuff i'm writing there because i'm hoping a potential employer will just be...you know, tweeting, and scoop me up and hire me.
*****i have had two meetings since being laid off. i have applied for at least two dozen jobs but these two meetings evolved from blindly sending my resume to two local companies--one a magazine and another a pr/ad agency. both small companies, as is the owner/founder is the only employee. absolutely nothing wrong w/ that, but, in both instances the people were more about picking my brain as to what connections i might have, rather than what freelance (since they obviously were not looking for full time employees) jobs they might have available.
******i get insanely happy when actors i like work together. before LOST the hubs and i were addicted to west wing (you may remember this if you read the blog for a long time) and i do still love it. however, we're now watching in plain sight and mary (main character) was on west wing and now TWO former west wingers have been on ips. i LOVE that shit! and? on house? (another show i love. i might have a unnatural love for hugh laurie's character) cuddy? played a prostitute on west wing. for some reason things like this make me insanely giddy. for absolutely no reason.
*******the kids have been coming home from school for a couple of weeks now, rather than going to daycare. today the girl and i were sitting outside after she got home (she gets home about an hour and 10 mins before the boy--i guess that's the trade off since she has to get on the bus at 6:45am) and she was telling me about these two 8th grade boys who've started talking to her on the bus. (red flag goes up in my head and i immediately think they're hitting on her) she was quite nonchalant about it and doesn't think they were hitting on her. hmmm. then we talked about how she feels about me not working. she said she likes it and that i have more time to clean....and to spend with them. she said that gives me like 15 more hours a week with them. 15 more hours to talk to them and be with them. her words. wow.


Pseudo said...

I wish I could get back some of the hours I missed with my kids when they were younger. After we first bought the house, I worked 1and 1/2 jobs for several years. Preicous time missed with the babies. Now I am home all nights and weekends and they are out with their teenage friends...

drollgirl said...

she counted the hours?!?!? wow. she loves you so much. that is an amazing comment. ach. oh i see the pros and cons of it (particularly for when you go back to work), but she is crazy for you, and that is really quite fantastic. :)

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

her words. i love the validation that we receive from our spawn.

love it.

Pandora said...

Jasper is so freaking adorable.It probably won't calm him down,but if you feed him enough,maybe he'll get fat,and not want to go out as much.LOL

Your girly is so sweet.We always think kids want toys and fancy stuff,but when it comes down to it,all they really want is your time and attention.Enjoy it,one of these days,you could be a busy little bee back at work again,who knows.

Hotch Potchery said...

If I had to spend 15 hours more per week with my kids, well I might do something drastic.

Just kidding. Sort of.

But yesterday my kids did bring me a card and flowers and my eldest wrote in the card, "Thanks for not killing me when I was acting like a douche."

Kristin.... said...

I would give my right arm for my kids to feel that way about me.

Jasper WILL calm down but it will take a bit of time.

Anonymous said...

Our male cat calmed down a lot after we got him neutered...he also got fat!

Your kids are so cute, just think if you hadn't gotten laid off you wouldn't have gotten this extra special time with them (and all that other silver lining crap).


Fragrant Liar said...

Wow, those last two sentences said SO much. Having teenagers myself, I know how rare those affirmations are.

Astarte said...

That is one cute kitty cat. :)

I like that your daughter first noted how much cleaner the house is, and THEN commented on how she liked having you around more. Ha!

the Mayor said...

Watching In Plain Sight (recorded) as we speak. Love Mary, want to be her except living with the alcoholic mother. But her boyfriend? oh la la

OH, and what your daughter said, that's what I meant that the good will far overshadow the bad (memories of the teenage years).

Gal Friday said...

More time to clean..heh..heh..loved that from your girl.

Still trying to get my head around her having to get ON the bus at a quarter to seven!! (my daughter catches the bus at 7:45 here and I cannot imagine having to rouse her out of bed so early, but wil be doing that next fall)

Cute kitty--love his Thumper feet. :-)(hope he is all recovered and not too sad about the altered parts.