Sunday, June 29, 2008

when it rains it pours

it's been quite a week around here. the work things going on this week seem pathetic at this point (i started moving my stuff to the pod from hell).

thursday night the hubs and i went to see jeff dunham w/ my bro and sil. it was pretty good. it's been a long time since we did a grown up thing and this one had been planned for quite awhile. google him, he's pretty funny. he has shows on comedy central too.

friday am i went to get my wisdom teeth (and two others) extracted. nice valium before the appt. i couldn't tell if it was the valium or lack of coffee that early in the morning but i wasn't nervous or anxious at all. i sat in the chair, they hooked me up to some laughing gas, then pricked me w/ the iv and that's the last i remember. i remember sitting in post op w/ the hubs and coming home and was basically in and out of it after that for the rest of the day. vickies every so many hours. yesterday was much of the same. the hubs kept me medicated. he took the kids to my oldest niece's bday party and last night took them to see the hulk.

in the meantime my friend donut went into labor (good thing she changed her mind and wanted her sister in the delivery room instead of me), my father-in-law went into the hospital and my florida bil is basically considered terminally ill now and wants his family to come visit while he's still around.

all of this going on while i'm heavily medicated.

today i'm feeling a bit better, though the swelling has set in. nice. the anesthesia has worn off completely but i'm still sore. the hubs is probably going to fl wednesday to see his brother.

donut had her baby at 2:30 something this morning.

also, last weekend my friend big t was in a car wreck and her car is totalled and she's going to have to have surgery on her elbow. i know she's bummed about her car but i'm so very thankful that she's ok (well, as ok as you can be w/ a torn up elbow and totalled car). things could always be worse.


Kristin.... said...

Ok, I feel better knowing what's going on. But crap, that's a lot of sucky stuff (except donut's baby~girl or boy?)
Hope tomorrow is better.

Astarte said...

Jeff Dunham!!! You're SO lucky! I almost peed my pants laughing watching his last special on Comedy Central. DH and I say 'I KEEEL You!' all the time to each other. I watch it every time it comes on. His older stuff I didn't like as much, but that new one is great.

Ooh, your teeth! I had one yanked out earlier this year, and the other three are scheduled for demolition in the coming months. They're impacted. Ugh. I think I'm going to schedule it for February, since it's a shi**y time of year, anyway. Good luck with the pain! What I found the worst, actually, was that there was a weird hole in my mouth that didn't used to be there. It took me awhile to get used to that.

I'm glad your friend is OK. That must have been a terrible experience. You're right, it could have been a LOT worse. And hey, maybe now she can get a mega-fuel-efficient car to use and it will work out for the best. Was it her fault or the other person's (ie, is her insurance going up now?)?

creative kerfuffle said...

jeff dunham--my bro turned us on to him. he randomly calls me at work and says i keeeeellll you infidel. i giggle like a kid and almost pee my pants every time.
the teeth--omg it was so much better than i ever hoped. they totally drugged me up and i felt nothing. the holes, yeah, that's taking some getting used to.
the accident--totally not my friend's fault, she was stopped, in a turn lane and an uninsured driver hit her.