Tuesday, June 10, 2008

graduation day

today the girl graduated 5th grade. for the most part i kept my cool.

my mom came with us and we kept the boy out of class as well (against his will). the ceremony was actually quite nice. it opened with a montage of pictures of the kids throughout the years. sniff sniff. then there were the speeches from the principal and vice principal. then awards. each teacher gave two awards each for good citizen, excellence and greatest achievement. the girl got the achievement award : ) so proud.

then they walked across the stage and got their certificates. thankfully the hubs was taking pictures because i was videotaping it only to discover i didn't hit record. yeah, i'm so techno-hip.

the boy wanted to leave right after the girl crossed the stage because they were playing games in his class all day. i took him back to class and on the way back to the graduation i ran into the girl's kindergarten teacher. yeah, i almost lost it as she said she couldn't believe our girl was graduating. we loved that teacher.

i teared up a few times, like when we told her teacher goodbye etc. but for the most part i was not a blathering cry baby.

after that the hubs had to get to work and the girl, my mom and i went to lunch. kids from her class showed up at the restaurant...in a limo. yes, a limo, for the 5th grade graduation. really folks? can we say overkill?

afterwards the girl and i did some shopping, we picked up the boy and they swam a bit before we went to her celebration dinner.

i still can't believe it though. she's going to be in middle school--junior high--nearly in high school. i have so many hopes and dreams for her and so many fears. i don't want her to follow the pack or keep being so shy and desperate to fit in with these girls who are surely to be trouble. i know i can't pick her friends but oh how i wish i could.


Kristin.... said...

Her ceremony sounds lovely. I don't know if they do 5th grade graduation here. I remember when Meg graduated from PRESCHOOL and a parent arranged limos for 4 year olds......

Anonymous said...

If you do a limo for the 5th grade graduation, what do they get for high school or college?

broad minded said...

geez, i have NEVER had a limo for anything, prom, graduation, wedding, nothing. although i sat in one my brother got to kiss up to his first controlling girlfriend. and i saw one at the golden corral on mother's day a few years back. i still crack up over that one.

people are nuts. no offense to the girl, but i don't get the graduation thing either. i never had that until i finished high school. i am not saying it isn't nice, but i just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I went to my niece's fifth grade graduation today. I think my BIL cried through the whole thing. I got teary when the principal showed the slideshow he'd made of their class, and the song was "You Raise Me Up." Again, when certificates were given to a Mom for her daughter who couldn't be there because she has an autoimmune disease. And for another kid in the wheelchair, who obviously has some developmental disabilities. It was nice, and some of the kids couldn't stop smiling. One girl cried when she was leaving.

I took the rest of the day off. Good day!

Sweet T

creative kerfuffle said...

on the limos--i'm still stunned. i don't know how you top that. plus, how spoiled are those kids? what type of expectations are you giving them? it's nuts.
we didn't have elem. or middle school graduations when i was a kid. as a parent i did appreciate this celebration of a milestone though.
sweet t--i love that your bil teared up. the hubs held it together, but i know he's as stunned as me that she's finished elem. school.