Monday, June 16, 2008

weekend wrap

saturday morning the hubs got up at the butt crack (and i'm talking 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. i don't know what time exactly cos i did not get up) to start smoking a pork shoulder for bbq. around 5 something keely (the australian shepherd who's a little "special") jumped in the bed and started walking around on me. i got up to check on the hubs. for some reason whenever i'm still in bed and the hubs is up and i don't hear any noise i think he's either locked himself in the garage or on the patio. i don't know WHY i have this thought because he's never done it, but i do. so i got up to check and he was in the kitchen getting his meat ready (that's what she said). i went back to bed.

by the time i got up (9? 10? i don't know) his meat was smoking and he'd already checked the pool chemicals. we were having family over for the first swim of the season.

my sister and her kids arrived an hour early. it never fails. usually she or my mom or both arrive at anything we have about an hour early. this time she did call to say she was going to be early, but still.

for the most part it was an enjoyable time. the kids got to swim a little bit before we got hit w/ a thunderstorm. the bbq was awesome. i think my folks are just amazed that the hubs did that. my dad said, there's no meat worth getting up that early to cook and my mom asked if there was a way normal people could make that without all the work.

sunday the kids started waking me up around 6:30 to start father's day but i held them off until 9. then i got up and supervised while the girl made breakfast, set the table and wrapped the gifts. the boy wasn't much of a help at all. then the hubs got up, we had breakfast and he opened his gifts. a few weeks ago he got the first part of his gift. he'd been wanting a white rose tree. his mom's favorite flower was a white rose so he wanted it to honor her. i've got my grandma's peony, he has the white rose tree. he also got a big flower pot, wind chimes and a seat cover for the truck. it has a seat cover but the boy keeps complaining that it's itchy so we got a non-itchy seat cover.

after that we lounged on the patio for awhile and nursed the hubs sunburn, which he got saturday morning, before i could slather him w/ sunscreen. oy vey it's bad. we ran some errands, came home and potted some plants (love the lost cause rack at lowe's--flowers that just need some love for 25 cents!) then the hubs took a nap while i swam w/ the kids.

i made dinner, we relaxed and actually both saturday and sunday we were in bed before midnight. unusual for us.

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