Friday, June 13, 2008

moody much?

this one's for the ladies.

ok, so, hello, do you find that you go through mood swings during the month? i'm not just talking about being bitchy when you're pmsing. i have distinct mood weeks and i'm trying to figure out how they coincide with my cycle.

so sometime during the month there's the few days or a week where i'm like platonic girl. we can hug and be friends but ewwww, boys are icky.

then there's a period of omg, can we do it right now please and thank you?

then there's the i could not be any more in love with you than i am right this very minute.

sometime there are also a few days of please just do not speak to me, i don't like you. no, it's nothing you've done, and i'm not mad i just don't like you.

before i put this in words and it was still just rolling around in my head i thought maybe it was period related but after writing/reading it i think perhaps i'm just uh, crazy.


Kristin.... said...

OMG. That is SO TRUE. I am feeling the "please do not speak to me" phase.

I don't understand.

creative kerfuffle said...

k--i think i was in that phase earlier this week but have come through the other side.
td--i know it's a pain and sometimes i wonder why the hubs puts up w/ it but even men have there moods now don't they?