Wednesday, June 18, 2008

big moon and boobs

i gots 'em.

butt seriously, thanks to big t for sharing this story about the huge moon tonight. maybe i can snap a picture.

now to the boobs.

if you've been reading for any amount of time you know by now the hubs and i have some off the wall conversations (even when not under a mary jane influence). this conversation started the other day when we were sitting on the patio after work.

here's the brief back story so at least it doesn't seem like this is just random; it did have it's roots in something.

a few days ago a bikini-clad woman came into one of the hubs' stores (he works in the convenience store biz. we do not OWN these stores but they are under his purveyance if you will) and the manager (male) and assistant manager (female) were commenting on it. the female said it was slutty and she was just looking for attention because you just don't wander around in public (unless you're at a pool/beach) in a bathing suit.

as with many, many things, this fermented in the hubs' brain and led to our patio discussion.

his theory (i'm paraphrasing here) is that women wear low-cut shirts knowing they will, at some point, bend over and show off their cleavage. his question is whether this is intentional? and he thinks it is.

my response (as someone who sometimes wears lower cut shirts--because it accentuates your assets and makes your neck look longer and takes the eyes away from the hip-thigh-ass area) was that it is not intentional. i do not wear belly-button low shirts and hoist the girls up and out, as you do sometimes see. i also do not go around bending over in order to offer a show. i am sure at some point someone has seen the tops of my boobs (check out this post about my word choice) however i am not intentionally doing this.

the hubs took this conversation back to the store and the male agreed w/ him, girls do it on purpose and so did the female! really? she even went so far as to say that when girls try on shirts they bend over in front of the mirror to see what it looks like. again, REALLY?

so ladies--voice your thoughts on this. do women purposely put the girls on display?


{sue} said...

I don't have much in the Girls Department to put on display, but yes, I do dress to accentuate them if possible. I am pretty modest about showing skin though. I usually wear a tank top under a shirt if I think I will be flashing when I bend over. (And with little kids, I bend over a lot.)

And I would only walk into a store in a bathing suit at the beach. Ack.

Kristin.... said...

Well, with a DD, it's hard NOT to put them on display. :) But, I don't wear revealing clothes t all. V-neck t-shirts are NOT revealing unless they're the deep V and I don't wear those.
Oh my I'd never wear a bathing suit into a store.

broad minded said...

dang it i posted and it didn't show up.!!!!

yes i do try to accent them, but i don't bend over when trying stuff on to check them out.

plus i don't like too much to show or i get self conscious. the hubs is half right and half wrong.

also, never to the bikini out and about. at the beach is one thing, but then i wouldn't wear a bikini so the question is moot.

Trish said...

I can't really comment 'cause I ain't got em to show. But even if I did I wouldn't wear a bathing suit into a store without at VERY least a t-shirt over it.

creative kerfuffle said...

ok, these comments pretty much are along the lines of my thoughts. i show them off to a degree but we're not shoving them in guys faces. i think we all know there's a fine line between being alluring and being a downright slut : )