Thursday, June 12, 2008

why i'm changing my name

i heard "hey mom" no less than 567 times this morning as we're trying to get ready for the day.

it's the boy. sometimes he asks the most bizarre questions. last night the girl started it.

(girl) hey mom?
if the boy married riley and i married her brother is that legal?
? uh, yeah.
(boy) hey mom?
would it be legal for me to marry my great great great great great great grandma?
uh, she's dead.
yeah, i know, but would it be legal?

this morning it was:
hey mom, is it going to rain today?
hey mom, where's the brush? (seeing as how i don't use a brush on my hair (too curly) i have no reason to know where it might be)
hey mom, i can't get online.
hey mom, where are my swimming trunks?
in the dryer.
the dryer is empty.
i go to the dryer, which is still running. the boy follows. the lid to the WASHER is open.
see, it's empty.
son, that's the washer. (this explains the day before when i told him to get a towel out of the dryer and it was wet)

amidst all the hey momming i'm ironing my clothes and getting ready and the hubs is on the phone trying to get my new cell to work. i iron my skirt, put it on, then there's more hey momming and i finish getting ready and we finally leave.

as i'm driving down the road to take them to daycare, and the boy is hey mom can i take these comic books into daycare? no, you aren't supposed to bring in toys, plus those are dad's collectors comics. hey mom, will we be able to go swimming today? i don't know, we'll have to see if it storms. i realize after i put on my skirt and started rushing around i forgot to put on panties!

can i have a do over for the day please?


Kristin.... said...

Ugh. I hate the "hey mom" part of my day. The babies say my name ten gazillion times a day. It's cute, but boy it wears on my sanity.

Anonymous said...

How do you forget to put on underwear? I've never understood the "I left my bra/panties at X's house" syndrome.

Sweet T

creative kerfuffle said...

k--yes, it is cute and of course i want them to ask me things but man, sometimes it's just like a machine gun of questions and it drives me bat shit crazy.
sweet t--ok, i know it sounds far fetched but my thought was, ok, i'm ironing the skirt putting it on then will put on the undies. one thing led to another and i'm driving down the road commando. i don't think i've ever left my smalls anywhere though. oh, actually, i did forget them one time--the night before our wedding. i stayed at my mom's that night and the hubs stayed at our house. i forgot to pack underwear for the next day and he had to bring them to me.
my word verification is ikiii (icky)

broad minded said...