Friday, May 11, 2007

My stars

Crazy busy week that's not yet done. The Hubs was out of town part of the week, we had both Boy and Girl scout meetings, last night was the first grade spring musical and The Girl and I leave for our GS weekend camping trip today : ) No rest for the weary. (And no computer access all weekend! Whatever will I do? No blogging, no email no BookWorm--the new game Big T turned me on too : ) )

The Girl played the recorder last night at the concert and as much as that thing drives me up a freakin' wall when she plays it around the house, she did an awesome job last night. I hope she keeps up with music because I really think she'll be good at it.

The Boy was in all his glory last night. The musical was really cute. The premise is it's in a barnyard and all of the animals, pigs, ducks, chickens, etc. are trying to get the cow to moo. The Boy and a handful of other boys were pigs--they sang a song called Ham it Up. Could NOT have been more appropriate for The Boy. He had a small speaking part and then they all sang and then he busted out some crazy dance moves. He is a HAM for sure. A natural. He's certainly not shy.

Yesterday when I picked them up The Girl told me she got into it again with the Bitch kid I've mentioned before. I think this little girl must be possessed. She is all friendly with The Girl for a few weeks and then she turns into an absolute Bitch. Yes, I know, she's a kid but I want to smack her. The Girl gets upset and of course that makes me want to beat the other girl even more. Do I talk to her mom? I can't threaten the kid but dammit I'm tired of her crap. The Girl doesn't stand up for herself enough and I'm sure I'm only getting half the story and I'm not one of those parents who thinks my kids are perfect or blameless, but this other girl is awful. The Hubs said they'll probably do this throughout high school. God I hope not.

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