Sunday, May 6, 2007

Pluto and the Break Up

Tonight I learned that NASA has sent an explorer spaceship to Pluto and that we will see first live pictures of the planet in 2015. That's pretty exciting. I had no idea. Apparently earlier this year the craft sent back images of Jupiter. Isn't that just amazing? I mean really, it takes years to get to a planet, years and then this craft will send us pictures of it. Simply incredible. And, there really is another planet, Xena. I'm beginning to think I've been in a cave or something for years. I knew there was talk of a planet X but didn't know much else about it. Van Morrison and a planet I've discovered this year. Wow.

We just watched The Break Up with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Anniston (and Mr. Vincent DiNofrio thank you). I hated the ending, sucked, movies should not end that way (but then Denys Finch Hatten died at the end of Out of Africa, also wrong, but I love that movie). The movie was like watching a mirror image of The Hubs and I. Not the story line at all, but the way they argued. She went from lemons to flowers to you don't care about me in a heart beat and I followed her train of thought but then could also see and understand the complete surprise and bewilderment that he experienced. Like WTF is she talking about? So for that I liked the movie cos I thought we were the only people who argued like that. Obviously these were actors but someone had to have that type of experience to write the script.


Anonymous said...

My neighbor went to see The Break Up, and didn't like it. But now that I hear your description, I think I would enjoy their style of arguing, too. Must add it to my Netflix queue.


creative kerfuffle said...

TS--I did like the script and the fighting was enlightening. Plus you get the bonus of looking at both Vince's : ) Though D is still hotter than V in my book.